For centuries, flowers have been used as a way to celebrate special occasions, or simply to celebrate someone that you love. Roses are given for endless reasons, whether it is for a birthday, graduation, a holiday like Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, and sometimes “just because.” Flowers, and especially eternity roses, are a great way to show someone how much you love and care about them, and they are also a quick and easy way to completely brighten up any room in your home.

If you are anything like me, then you love picking up a fresh bouquet of flowers each week (usually at Trader Joe’s, obviously), to add some life and a nice pop of color throughout your home. While I am always an advocate for treating yourself, especially when it comes to flowers, they do not necessarily last as long as we would like them to and can become costly over time.

A great solution to this if you are a flower lover is to consider decorating your home with eternity roses, which are a bit of an expense upfront, but totally worth it.

Decorate Your Home with Eternity Roses

Check out some reasons why you should use eternity roses as décor throughout your home: 


They are long lasting.

If you are not familiar with eternity roses, they are preserved and last much longer than fresh flowers, which tend to lose their color, smell, and liveliness within a few days, no matter how much you water them and take care of them. Some eternity roses can even last up to a full 12 months, or up to 3 years, so you do not have to worry about constantly replacing them.


There is no maintenance required. 

In addition to not having to worry about replacing the flowers, you can also say goodbye to the maintenance that you are used to when it comes to taking care of the flowers that you purchase. The truth is, flowers are only worth it if you are willing to keep up with them and ensure they get enough water, sunlight, and are trimmed and fed appropriately.

Preserved roses, or eternity roses, do not require watering or sunlight, and will stay looking fresh and colorful for months on end. These are perfect for people who have busy schedules or find themselves traveling frequently whether for personal or work-related reasons. When you come home, your flowers will still be perfectly intact! 


They are a great environmentally friendly choice.

In addition to making your home look gorgeous, eternity roses are also environmentally friendly, which is a double win! The preserved roses are environmentally friendly due to the fact that they last longer than fresh flowers, but also because they use less energy to store as well as to transport to stores.

Remember that eternity roses are still real, they have just gone through a preservation process to making them last longer, ultimately having less of an effect on the environment overall. Eternity roses are a purchase that you can feel good about.

Longlasting Eternity Roses

You will save money in the long run.

As mentioned, eternity roses tend to be more of an expense upfront, but it is totally worth it given the money that you will save in the long run. You will no longer have to worry about purchasing a new bouquet, or a few new bouquets if you are decorating multiple rooms in your home, each week. This is a great way to cut down your weekly costs and put that money towards other expenses in your home.


You will get frequent reminders of love. 

Eternity roses are downright beautiful, and why not gift yourself the treat of having consistent reminders of love, which is what roses have resembled forever!