It may seem impossible to keep your skin hydrated at this time of the year. During the winter months, it’s important to constantly wash your hands to avoid germs and sicknesses, and you may also find yourself wanting to take hot baths and showers more frequently to warm us up from the bone-chilling weather.

While washing your hands is vital during the winter, and there is nothing better than a hot bath or shower after a cold day, both can have negative effects on your skin when it comes to keeping it hydrated.

Everyone can relate to having dryer skin during the winter months, which can become totally uncomfortable and sometimes feel like it is unavoidable. The truth is, there are some tips and tricks to keeping your skin as hydrated as possible during the winter, so that you do not have to worry about your skin being dry and flaky.

5 Tips To Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Check out some easy ways to keep your skin hydrated this winter: 

1 – Take shorter, colder showers. 

As much as we all love a long, hot shower, during the winter months it is actually best to avoid these as much as possible. Try to make an effort to shower with the water being at a lower temperature so that you avoid your skin drying out, which is what happens when it is in contact with steaming hot water. If you are finding that your skin is turning red from the shower, you know it is too hot and will lead to drying out your skin. While cooler water is not always the go-to choice for people when it comes to a shower, it is the best way to avoid irritating your skin. 

2 – Limit your bubble baths. 

I love a good bubble bath, as many people do, and the winter months feel like the perfect time to relax in a hot bath. While you do not want to let go of taking bubble baths completely, try to limit them to only once a week, or a couple times a month, if possible. Taking a hot bubble bath strips away your skin’s natural oils while drying it out, which is a fast way for your skin to lose its hydrated feeling. 

3 – Use moisturizers and creams after showering or bathing. 

Every single time you finish showering or bathing, make it a priority to moisturize your skin – all over your body! You want to ensure that you are replenishing all the moisture that has been stripped away throughout the shower or bath, using creams and moisturizers that are thick and perfect for dry winter skin. You should also make it a habit to moisturize your hands after washing them, especially if you are finding that you are washing your hands frequently. This will keep them nicely hydrated!

Dry skin and hydrated skin

4 – Apply oils to your skin. 

There are tons of oils out there that are made specifically for helping dry winter skin, which are moisturizing and brightening all in one. Not only are oils great for your skin and an awesome way to keep you hydrated, but they are also full of healthy ingredients such as vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids that are great upkeep for your skin. Plus, you will get that gorgeous, glowy look and feel! 

5 – Keep a humidifier in your home to maximize moisture.

Humidifiers are an absolute must for your home during the winter months, especially if you live in New England. Humidifiers help to add moisture back in the air, and if you are someone that tends to have the heat up during the winter, these are vital to have! The dryer the air is, the less hydrated your skin will become, so humidifiers are a great way to maintain that balance you need in your home.