When people generally think of a vacation, they are quick to assume one to two weeks. Therefore, many people often have reasons for not taking a vacation, whether it is not having the time to take off work or school, not having the budget, or simply not having the bandwidth to plan a vacation with everything else that is on their plate. Well, the truth is that you can count a weekend getaway as a vacation, and whether you are flying out to a destination or going on a road trip, a short weekend getaway has a ton of great benefits and is a great way to get a change of scenery and have some fun.

Here are some of the major benefits to a weekend getaway and how it can improve your overall health:

How A Weekend Getaway Improves Your Health

It can help improve your mood.

One of the best parts of a weekend getaway is that it helps to boost your mood, improving your mental health overall. Regardless of how far away you go, or if you plan a “staycation,” you can reduce your stress while simultaneously boosting your creative levels. Plus, if you and your loved ones have busy schedules, weekend getaways are easy to plan and fit in, and are also an awesome opportunity to bond, make some memories, and have some fun!

It offers a great way to disconnect for a little.

If you feel like you are buried in your daily tasks, whether it is your projects at work, studying at school, or juggling your kids’ schedules, you may be looking for a way to disconnect and truly unplug. A weekend getaway is the perfect way to truly disconnect, only for a few days, enough so that you are feeling rejuvenated enough to get back into your daily routine.

For many people, it is actually easier to fully disconnect for a weekend getaway versus a longer vacation, because they know that they will be able to deal with anything that comes up in just a few days.

It’s easy to plan – especially last minute.

Weekend getaways are relatively easy to plan, especially compared to a longer vacation. And the planning of a weekend getaway is totally doable if you are looking to hit the road last minute. When it comes to planning a longer vacation, you will need to take into account a lot of things – plane tickets, accommodations, where to eat, what to do, and the list goes on.

For a weekend getaway, while you will still need to find accommodations and align on how you are going to get there, you have the ability to go with the flow and will only need to plan for a couple days versus a week or two.

This ultimately leads to less stress and anxiety, which is exactly what you are looking for when getting away!

It’s cost effective.

Another reason that weekend getaways decrease stress and anxiety is how cost effective they are. Weekend getaways are much more cost effective than longer vacations, making them easier to save up for and easier to plan last minute.

With weekend getaways, you can also enjoy several weekends away throughout the year instead of pouring your budget into one destination. This allows for the opportunity to check out new places, and if you have a family, maybe even allow each person to choose a weekend destination throughout the year.

It can offer new experiences and an opportunity to meet new people.

Ultimately, weekend getaways are an awesome way to get out there and see what is surrounding you – even if it is a town in your own state that you have never visited! It does not matter how far or near you travel, the best part about a weekend getaway is getting the opportunity to try new things, see new areas, and also meet some new people who could become your friends for a lifetime.