New England is home to so many wonderful communities, landscapes, environments, entertainment opportunities, and more. However, the region is also notorious for its less-than-friendly winter season. Year after year, snowfall consistently reaches 60–120 inches, while temperatures remain far below freezing for much of January and February. If this is your first year living up north, here are three helpful tips for living through a New England winter.

Prioritize Your Winter Coat, but Don’t Forget Accessories

Your first priority when surviving a northeastern winter is selecting the perfect cold-weather clothing. Specifically, you want a winter jacket that’ll keep you adequately protected throughout the duration of the season. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done—you need a garment that provides superior insulation in a variety of situations and activities without limiting mobility or overall comfort.

As such, this purchase will undoubtedly be a pricey, albeit worthy, investment. Parkas are better than winter jackets thanks to their design that features additional material around the face and legs. Aside from your winter coat, stock up on comfortable gloves, head coverings, and insulated wool socks for especially frigid days.

Tips for Living Through a New England Winter

Stock Up on the Essentials for the New England Winter

After you address your winter wardrobe, it’s time to start purchasing home and garden essentials to maintain your property better. Every New England home needs the following tools in the garage:

  • Ergonomic snow shovel
  • Non-toxic driveway salt
  • Roof rake
  • Snow blower with a cab (for larger properties, especially)
  • Boot crampons

Additionally, you should gather emergency supplies in the event of a severe storm. A first aid kit and personal prescriptions are a must. Furthermore, invest in a suitable stockpile of non-perishables and clean drinking water. Your emergency supplies should also include extra sanitary products, warm clothing, communication devices, and electronic device chargers.

Winterize Your Car for the New England Winter

Now that you’ve properly prepared your home for New England’s worst weather, you can shift focus to your car. Driving conditions can turn sour during the winter, so you must make modifications and preparations to boost the performance and reliability of your vehicle. For example, consider installing winter wipers and snow tires for increased stability and visibility when driving in snowstorms.

Also, store a survival kit in the trunk of your automobile in the event of a massive road closure. Aside from these modifications, there are various winter driving tips and tricks you can practice to increase safety for yourself and others.

Follow these three tips for living through a New England winter to ensure a pleasant and safe experience! With a few seasons under your belt, you’ll become a northeastern winter professional in no time.