If you are someone who has the opportunity to work fully remote, you would be remiss to not take advantage of the opportunity to get some traveling in while you are working! Working remote has unlocked a whole new world of possibilities for people, allowing them to check out new places without jeopardizing their job. While working remotely does require you to stay focused and be self-sufficient, making time to work in a change of scenery does the mind good!

With today’s technology and countless ways to communicate digitally, the world can truly be your oyster. If you are interested in traveling and exploring new areas while working remotely, it is important that you find the right balance between work and travel.

Here are some tips for working remote while also checking out new destinations.


1 – See if your employer will allow it.

Before setting up a trip, it is always a good idea to check in with your manager or boss, as well as the company policy, to ensure that it is OK for you to work away from your home base. Even if you are 100% working remote, keeping your company informed on your whereabouts is a responsible way to ensure they are in the loop.

2 – Pack everything you’ll need to successfully work remotely.

Once you have planned out where you will be heading, make sure that you are packing everything that you will need to successfully be able to do your job away from your desk at home.

This may include your laptop, your charger (maybe even an extra!), a Wi-Fi extender if needed, headphones or Airpods, as well as potentially a projector, keyboard, and mouse if you are someone who uses those regularly. Of course, your full list of everything you will need will ultimately depend on your company and what is normally required to use during your day-to-day.

3 – Make sure you will have a strong internet connection.

Ensuring that you will have a strong and reliable internet connection is one of the most important things to consider when taking a trip where you will be working remotely.

In order for your trip to be successful, you want to ensure that you are fully available, just as you would be if you were working from the comfort of your own home. Understand while you are planning your trip that not all destinations are suitable for remote work, so you want to make sure that you have places in mind that will have WiFi you can count on. 

4 – Find a workspace that will help keep you productive.

When you are traveling while working remotely, you are going to want to explore as much as you can. This does not mean that you have to work from your hotel room or Airbnb for the entirety of the trip.

Do some research ahead of time to find any coffee shops or cafes that might be conducive to remote work, as well as any workstations that may be around. Try and get creative with areas that you can get your work done and stay focused while also enjoying some new views.

5 – Try and stick to your regular routine.

You may be so excited to be in a new place that you could be having trouble focusing on your job and what needs to get done. Try and stick to your regular routine as best as you can to ensure that you are getting everything done on your to-do list before going out on the town. 

6 – Take breaks to explore.

Of course, you are ultimately paying for a trip, so make sure that you are periodically taking some breaks to explore the area!