The first day of Fall is just a few weeks away, and with the autumn season comes chillier weather, shorter days, and everyone working on getting back into their regular routines following the summer season. As the weather gets colder and the leaves change, you may find yourself so wrapped up in you and your family’s busy schedule that you forget to take time for yourself to truly relax. To avoid getting majorly stressed and experiencing burnout, take some time for you this Fall season to practice self-care and treat yourself!

Check out some of our favorite ways to practice self-care during the Fall season.

How to Practice Self-Care During the Fall Season

Go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air.

New England experiences some of the most beautiful weather during this season, so get outside and experience it for yourself! Take some time in the morning, during a lunch break, or after work to go for a nice, long walk in the crisp Fall air. During this time, you can catch up on some new music, on your favorite podcast, call a friend or family member, or simply take time to yourself to reflect! Walks are not only great for you physically, but also an awesome way to give yourself a mental reset.

Get organized.

A change of season is the perfect time to get yourself organized, both physically and mentally. As you are transitioning your home for the Fall season, including getting ready for back-to-school, changing out closets, and putting away summer furniture and other items, take some time to get yourself organized – declutter, organize the interior of your rooms, and get your calendar up to date for the upcoming season. Getting yourself organized will help to relieve you of any stress, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed with upcoming plans. 

Try some new fall recipes.

What is more fun than trying out a new recipe?! This is a great activity to do on your own or to do with your family on a chilly Fall night. Whether you are looking for some new baking ideas or some Fall-themed entrée ideas, it is always a good idea to experiment in the kitchen! Consider making comfort food such as Pumpkin Mac and Cheese, Pumpkin Bread, Chicken Parm Soup, Butternut Squash Lasagna, or some hearty chili for game day.

Make the most of the sunlight.

The Fall season has shorter days, and we all know the feeling of the days getting darker earlier. To avoid feeling exhausted and even perhaps experiencing seasonal depression, make the most of the sunlight during the day as best as you can. This can mean getting yourself outside, or even opening up your shades and windows to let some fresh air in. The more sunlight you can get in during the day, the easier the transition will be into shorter days for yourself.

Wear a new sweater.

Treat yourself to some new Fall clothing! If there is a new sweater that you have been eyeing, go grab it and make some fun plans for yourself where you can flaunt your new top. There is truly nothing better than feeling comfortable in a warm and cozy sweater on a chilly day! 

Enjoy the Fall foliage.

One of the best parts about the Fall is the foliage – the changing leaves, bright and bold colors, and gorgeous views. Whether you enjoy the Fall foliage on a walk, driving around town, or on a hike, make sure that you carve out some time during the season to take in the breathtaking views.