Your 20’s are some of the most important years of your life, as they are the years that truly shape you and help to set the tone for years to come. One of the best (and worst) parts about your 20’s is that each and every decision that you make can change the cadence of the rest of your life. This is why it is important to take advantage of your younger years and experiment, take risks, capitalize on opportunities, and most importantly, make fun memories.

While there are sure to be many bumps in the road over this decade, you will most certainly look back on your 20’s and remember them as being some of the most impactful and exciting years.

We have pulled together some tips on how you can live your 20’s to the fullest. Check them out here:

Traveling in your 20's

1 – Take more risks.

Your 20’s are the perfect years to take as many chances and risks as you can. While taking chances and risks may not always work out in your favor, they will at least serve as great learning experiences and are truly the only way to fully understand what you love and what you are passionate about. Your youth is the perfect time to live life on the edge and try new things, so try to live with the mentality of “if not now, then when?” Overall, it is better to say, “oh well” than “what if.” 


2 – Have a “yes” year. 

Have you heard of a “yes” year before? If you have not, then listen up! As 2023 is quickly approaching, it is the perfect opportunity to set expectations with yourself for your “yes” year. During a “yes” year, it is important that you follow your gut and say “yes” to exactly what it is that you want to do, all the time! Use the upcoming year to say yes to everything – to trips, to new friendships, to experiences you normally would not partake in. You can even practice saying yes to saying no. To learn more about a “yes” year, check out Shonda Rhimes’ new book ‘Year of Yes,’ which will help inspire you to truly start living for yourself, and no one else! 


3 – Be intentional with your time. 

After college, life becomes busier for everyone, as everyone gets on their own personal life path and is no longer in the college campus bubble. This shift may feel uncomfortable as you may find that you are lost within your own path. During this time, make sure that you are as intentional with your time as possible. In the midst of work, weddings, extracurriculars, or even having children, life gets busy, and it can become hard to keep up with all the friendships that you once were able to. Make sure that you are using your 20s to be as intentional with your time as possible and pour your energy into people who are reciprocating. 


4 – Travel.

You have heard it a million times – travel while you are young! Traveling can mean anything from a weekend getaway to a two- or three-week excursion to Europe. The best part about traveling is that you can make it work regardless of what your budget is. Try to invest your money into trips and experiences, no matter how small, rather than things. This rings true especially if you are single. Remember that you will only be this young once, and you should take every opportunity to explore new places before you have the responsibility of a family and children. Of course, once you are settled into your own family, you will still take travel opportunities, but they will look a little different! 


5 – Surround yourself with positive people. 

You do not want to look back on your 20’s and remember negativity. And it is true what they say – you are who you surround yourself with. Make sure that your inner circle is positive and lifts you up rather than drags you down. Surrounding yourself with positivity is key to manifesting the life of your dreams. Everyone has bad experiences and bad days but living with the “glass half full” mentality is extremely important to your success in your 20s.