Have you ever thought about taking a trip completely by yourself? There are countless reasons why taking a trip totally solo is beneficial, not only to create great memories for yourself, but also to help you grow immensely. Traveling by yourself automatically forces you to get out of your comfort zone, out of your normal routine, and gives a great opportunity to meet new people. On top of that, traveling alone is very cost effective, allowing you to totally decide on your budget and how you choose to spend it when you are on your trip. Not to mention, you can decide exactly what it is you want to do while you are away without feeling the need to compromise. 

For many people, the idea of traveling alone, or even sitting by themselves to enjoy a meal at a restaurant, may seem daunting and unattainable. However, once you push yourself out of that comfort zone, traveling by yourself will become addicting!

Check out some ways that you can ensure you stay safe while traveling alone.

Traveling alone back packing in the mountains

Do your research

First, you must decide where it is that you would like to take your solo trip. When you are making this decision, make sure to do your research so that you know that the destination you are planning on visiting is safe. On the same note, make sure that you are aware of any dangerous areas or neighborhoods in the place you are visiting, so that you can know to avoid these areas during your travel. 

Make sure family and friends know your travel plans

Once you decide on where it is that you want to travel to, make sure that you share your plans with trusted family and friends so that they are aware of where you are going, when your flights take off, and where it is that you are staying. This is especially important if you are planning on visiting multiple destinations and will be staying at different Airbnb’s or hotels. 

Have an emergency plan

No one wants to think about a medical emergency happening while they are on a trip, especially if the trip is abroad, but it is always best to plan ahead in case an emergency occurs. While you are planning your itinerary, be sure to look up the closest emergency facilities, such as police stations and hospitals. If you are traveling somewhere where they use a different language, try to familiarize yourself with key emergency phrases so that in the worst-case scenario, you are able to ask for help. Another great way to plan ahead for a trip is to visit your doctor and make sure that you have everything you need to travel, including any prescription drugs or vaccines. 

Stay connected

Many people choose to vacation so that they can disconnect, however, if you are traveling alone, do your best to stay connected throughout the duration of your trip. If you have a smartphone, consider investing in an international plan so that you will have cell service while you are out adventuring. If an international plan is not within your budget, then be sure to check in and stay connected through email, iMessage, or social media channels, when you are connected to Wi-Fi. 

Secure your valuables.

When you arrive to your hotel and you are settling in, make sure that you lock up all your valuables so that you do not have to worry about them being stolen while you are out and about. When you are out venturing, only bring what you know you will need during that time. For the most part, you will find a safe in every hotel room, so be sure to utilize this so you do not have to think twice about losing any of your valuables. 

Don’t travel with designer items

While you may want to show off a new pair of sunglasses or bag that you have recently purchased, opt to leave all designer items at home. Wearing expensive items out publicly, especially if you are alone, can unfortunately lead to someone picking you out in the crowd. If you are planning to purchase luxury items while you are on your trip, choose to leave any purchases in your hotel while you are out.