Are you thinking about taking a mental health day? Everyone can relate to the feeling of stress, whether it is feeling overwhelmed with work, personal issues at home, school, or anything going on throughout your day-to-day schedule. While the feeling of stress can be manageable at times, it is common to have your stress levels reach a place where you are in need of a full mental reset.

A great way to reset and give yourself the opportunity to relax is by giving yourself a mental health day, whether that means taking time off from work, school, volunteering, or any other social activities that you regularly participate in.

Some signs that you might need to take a mental health day include feeling as if you have lost motivation, constantly feeling tired and fatigued, having trouble falling asleep or waking up on time, generally not feeling well, as well as having issues staying on task and focusing. If you are experiencing any of these feelings, it is time for a mental health day!

There are countless benefits to taking a mental health day, some of which include allowing yourself the opportunity to fully process your emotions, relax, clear your mind, and have some fun! Not to mention, giving yourself a moment to reset and detach from all your responsibilities can greatly help to improve your sleep quality which can positively impact your health and wellness overall.

If you are planning on taking a mental health day but you are not sure how to use the time, here are some ideas to best spend your day.

5 Ways To Spend Your Next Mental Health Day

1 – Sleep in.

First, and most importantly on your mental health day, do not set an alarm! Allow yourself to fully catch up on the sleep that you need by sleeping in until whenever your body naturally wakes up. This will allow you to hopefully wake up feeling fully rested and gives you the opportunity to have a slow morning for yourself, especially if you are used to rushing out the door or beginning your day early.


2 – Watch a movie.

Do you have a favorite movie that always lifts your spirits? Or perhaps you are looking to see a new movie that you have not had time to check out. Cuddle up on the couch with some blankets and pillows and enjoy getting lost in a movie or binge a television show that you have been looking to catch up on. This is a perfect mental health day activity.


3 – Go on a hike or long walk.

Getting outside and getting your body moving is always a great way to produce more endorphins and get yourself in a great mood. Whether it is a quick walk or hike, or a longer one, take some time to enjoy the fresh air outdoors. If you have a dog, a hike or walk is the perfect opportunity to get some quality time in with your pet, get some exercise, and truly enjoy your mental health day.


4 – Take your favorite workout class.

If you are into workout classes, fitting a 45–50-minute class into your mental health day is an absolute must. No matter how difficult it might be to get yourself to the class, you will always walk out of the room feeling 100 times better than you did before. If you have a favorite class or instructor, schedule a class there, or use your time off to try out a new class that you are interested in!


5 – Get coffee with a friend or family member.

Catching up with a loved one, whether it be a friend or family member, is always a great idea on a mental health day! Take some time to grab a coffee or smoothie with someone you care about and use it as an opportunity to fully catch up on each other’s lives!