As we get deeper into the winter season, it is important to ensure that your home décor is not just about the aesthetics, but also focused on comfort and functionality during the chilly months. There are lots of ways that you can create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere that is stylish and also practical. Plus, who does not like to save a little extra money on energy during the winter?!

Check out some tips on how you can keep your winter décor functional this year.

How to Keep Your Winter Décor Functional

1- Swap your light fabrics for heavier ones.

During the warm spring and summer months, you may have lighter fabrics throughout your home, especially for items such as your drapes and curtains. During the winter season, opt for fabrics like thermal or velvet that will not only look stylish, but also help to retain heat and block out any drafts that may come through your windows. This will also help to reduce your energy costs.


2 – Enhance the lighting throughout your home.

Given the days are shorter and it gets dark much earlier in the day in the winter, you will need to enhance your lighting throughout your home – especially if you are someone who works remotely or enjoys activities like reading. Lighting can help to make your space more functional and also create a relaxing ambiance. Add some warm, soft lighting to your home through floor lamps, table lamps, and tons of candles that can create a festive scent and aroma!


3 – Layer textiles for a warm atmosphere.

With the cold weather in New England, you want to make your environment as warm and cozy as possible. Consider laying your couches and beds with extra blankets, throws and pillows. Swap these items for heavier fabrics like faux fur, sherpa, or knit. Not only will these be aesthetically pleasing and add some visual depth to the decor in your home, but it will also make your space feel extra comfortable.


4 – Add some rugs for extra insulation.

In rooms throughout your home that do not have rugs, consider adding some to give the rooms an extra layer of insulation and also add some extra visual interest. Choose rugs that are made from natural materials like wool or thick, textured weaves. The rugs will help to prevent heat loss and also keep your feet warm.


5 – Get creative with your storage.

In the winter, there are tons of seasonal items that you may have trouble figuring out where to store. These items may be larger, such as heavy coats, boots, snow pants, and extra blankets. Take some time to think about what makes the most sense for your storage and how you can get creative to keep everything organized. You may consider adding in some baskets, ottomans that have hidden compartments, or adding some shelves and hooks to your wall to store these items easily. The less clutter, the better!


6 – Opt for décor items that are practical.

If you are shopping for some extra décor this winter, think about pieces that look good but are also practical. For example, baskets can store extra items such as firewood if you have a fireplace, and decorative trays on your coffee table can help to display candles or hold your television remote.


7 – Get some indoor plants and keep your air circulating.

If you do not already have indoor plants throughout your home, think about purchasing some to help with the indoor air quality. Indoor plants have tons of health benefits, including air-purifying properties to freshen up your air. Additionally, to prevent dry air throughout your home, get some humidifiers that you can keep on in a few rooms. Plants are home décor that are both practical and beautiful.