Did you know that candles have been around for more 5,000 years? While the styles and scents of the candle have evolved greatly over time, one thing remains true, and that is that candles provide us so much more than just a source of light. Not only are candles great for the aesthetic of your home, as many of them are designed to double as a gorgeous, standalone object, but they are also a great way to completely change up the aroma of your home, get into a festive spirit, and even help us to improve several aspects of our health!

If you have found that you are candle crazy or are one of those people that never misses Bath & Body Works’ Annual Candle Day, we are here to let you know that there is no reason to stop your candle craze – we support it.

Why is the candle such an essential and integral part of our lives? 

burning candle

Calms your mind. 

First off, lighting a candle has the ability to calm your mind if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Many people find themselves lighting candles at the end of the day to get into full relaxation mode, but truthfully, a candle can be lit at any time to help you to soothe and center yourself. When it comes to the light of the candle, the flame alone is soothing, which is why candles are used so often in meditation practices. The light from the candle can help to calm your brain down, which ultimately creates an association that candles will help you to destress. 

Helps to improve your mood. 

Similarly, candles can help to improve your mood overall. Scented candles specifically can offer so many benefits and can directly impact your mood positively depending on the scent. For example, if you light a mint or eucalyptus scented candle, you are bound to help yourself to improve your focus and energize you overall. And, if you were to light a candle with a festive, holiday scent, you will immediately find yourself with a little more holiday cheer – an instant mood booster!  

Can stimulate your memory. 

Everyone can relate to having a favorite smell, or several favorite smells, that link back to a positive time or memory in their life. Smells can trigger emotions instantly and improve your mood if you are associating it to someone or something that you miss. For example, if you cherish memories baking cookies with your grandmother, perhaps a cookie scented candle can help you to reminisce on those great memories! 

Helps you sleep. 

Trouble sleeping? Poor sleep is extremely common nowadays, so anything that can be done to help get a good night’s rest is key. If you find yourself regularly checking your phone before bed, try replacing the light from your phone with a candle so that you can truly give yourself the opportunity to unwind, whether you choose to meditate, catch up on your favorite book, or listen to your favorite podcast. Just remember to blow out the candle before you decide to go to sleep! 

Creates an ambiance. 

In addition to the health benefits that candles provide, they also just simply set a vibe. Candles can completely transform a space and create an ambiance that is unique and illuminates your home in a cozy and comfortable way. Not only will people tend to light some candles when they are having guests over or have freshly cleaned their home, but you will often find candles lit at stores you visit, spas, and even sometimes restaurants – all to set the mood and create that vibe!