There are millions of plants globally, and multiple can sustain their lives in someone’s home. Some household plants require meticulous care to keep them alive, which may become quite a hassle. For seniors, a houseplant shouldn’t require much time and energy; luckily, different plants need little attention.


There are numerous types of cacti in the world, each with its own structure and spines to keep it safe from predators. The cactus is a great household plant that any senior can take care of since it does not require a lot of watering and grows great in the sun. Cacti store water in their branches to feed slowly, and when there is too much water, it will create more branches to store it, creating a self-sustaining environment.


Succulents are beautiful plants that will liven up any space. Succulents are cousins of cacti and also have multiple different forms with styles of leaves, stems, and branches. These plants vary for specific needs, but they are sustainable in many households as long as they have plenty of sunlight.

Some succulents require water to store in their leaves, which will help them in times of drought. Numerous varieties only need weekly watering, leaving plenty of time for other activities. These plants are a great addition to indoor gardens, which have many benefits for seniors, including brain stimulation and patience building.

Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo is a hard and strong plant that doesn’t need a lot of water. Water this plant once a week to ensure the soil stays damp as too much water will cause it to deteriorate. Use a pot with a drainage hole to keep the water from pooling.


Ivy is a great household plant for seniors to take care of. It also adds style to space since it will need to hang from the ceiling. This plant tends to grow long and needs to have its branches hang and extend to receive more sunlight. This plant won’t require a lot of watering since the soil will need to dry before you water it again, and you only need all-purpose soil.

Plants are beautiful entities to have in the home. These plants will give life to any space and give seniors the time to care for themselves.