If you work from home full time or you are on a hybrid schedule where you are working remotely a few days a week, you may be looking for some opportunities to change up your scenery and work in a different environment. When it comes to the best environments to work in, coffee shops are an extremely popular option for a variety of reasons. 

Coffee shops are great spots to be able to sit back and relax with family and friends, as they have a warm and welcoming environment that is comfortable and has a great ambiance. Many people have experienced “the coffee shop effect” which is known for helping to increase productivity and increase focus during the workday. When you are working in a coffee shop, you do not have to worry about interruptions from other co-workers, and you can generally drown out any background noise as coffee shops have a quiet environment and you can bring your own headphones to listen to your own music or a podcast. 

If working in a coffee shop is something that entices you, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when you are planning your workday. 

Working at a coffee shop

First off, you must be selective with your café choices, because some may lack some of the necessities that you need to be productive. For example, some cafes may not have Wi-Fi or a table large enough for your laptop and belongings.

Once you have your café picked out, it is always best practice to ask permission to stay for a longer period of time and make sure that the café is able to welcome long-term customers. And of course, make sure that you are somewhat regularly ordering, whether it is food or drink. 

It is also important that if you choose to work from a coffee shop you are dressed appropriately in terms of professionality and comfort. And you should make sure that when you arrive to the coffee shop, you pick a seat that you know you can work from for a longer period of time without inconveniencing any other customers that visit the coffee shop or the employees that work there. 

Lastly, remember the basic etiquette rules when it comes to working as well as visiting coffee shops, including keeping your phone on vibrate or silent, not making a mess, ensuring you are making enough room for other customers, and that you are not overstaying your welcome. 

Interested in changing up your work scenery? Check out a few great coffee shops in the area that you do not want to miss out on: 

Coffee Exchange – Providence, Rhode Island. 

Coffee Exchange Coffee Shop

Coffee Exchange is one of the premier coffee houses in the country, nestled in Providence, Rhode Island, just steps away from many colleges. The coffee shop became known for its great tasting coffee as well as the eclectic nature of the interior. They roast and brew organic coffee and are committed to better coffee, both in terms of flavor and the social, environmental, and physiological health of the communities where coffee is grown. 

Audrey’s Coffee House & Lounge – South Kingstown, Rhode Island. 

Coffee Shop work space

Audrey’s creates fresh, entertaining, and like-worthy content to drive users to want to have the fun, tasty, and exciting experience of Audrey’s for themselves. They have great coffee, delicious pastries, as well as the best cocktails and comfort food you could ask for! Plus, if you are into The Bachelor franchise, this experience will be a dream come true! 

Mokka Coffeehouse – Newport, Rhode Island. 

coffe house

Mokka Coffeehouse is an old-world coffeehouse that serves great Fair Trade artisan coffee and coffee drinks, fresh pastries, light lunch, and fresh hot soups. Not to mention, at Mokka you not only can enjoy their great food and drink, but also the beautiful views of all that Newport has to offer!