So, you have a big trip coming up and you are working on deciding what you need to pack and what you can leave at home. When it comes to packing, everyone is different – some people prefer to pack the bare minimum, while others prefer to have as many outfit options as possible for any and all events that may occur during the trip. The luggage that you choose to bring along will be depending on what type of packer you are, where you are going, and how long you will be vacationing for. 

When it comes to luggage, there are several different routes that you can take – the carry-on bag, the checked bag, or both, in addition to your personal item. This decision can vary on how much you are bringing, but also what airline you are taking, how many layovers you have, as well as where you are traveling to.

Pros and cons to carry on and checked luggage:

Should you bring carry on or checked luggage?

Why You Should Bring a Carry-on Bag.

Carry-on bags are pieces of luggage that can come with you into the cabin of an airplane. These bags can be stored in front of you or in the overhead bin depending on the size of the carry-on as well as if you choose to also bring a personal item. Carry-on bags have a lot of benefits. For one, they save time, as you will not have to wait through the long lines to check in your bag for the airplane. They also help you to save money, since most airlines allow you to bring a carry-on bag for free. Not to mention, carry-on bags save you from the stress of wondering if the airline is going to lose your luggage, and you can ensure that none of your items will get damaged because the bag will be with you for the duration of the trip.

Why You Shouldn’t Bring a Carry-on Bag.

Depending on what you need to pack, it is important to remember that certain items are not allowed to go into a carry-on bag, such as bigger bottles of liquid or gels. For some airlines, carry-on bags have a weight limit as well, so if you are traveling for a longer period of time, this may not be feasible. Of course, carry-on bags also offer less space than a checked bag, and if you have layovers booked, you will need to bring the bag along with you in the airports, which may be an inconvenience. 

Why You Should Bring a Checked Bag. 

Checked bags are pieces of luggage that are stored in the cargo hold of the plane. These bags are completely inaccessible during the flight, as they are much larger bags that will not fit in the overhead bins of the plane. Checking a bag is convenient for several reasons. For one, there are a lot fewer restrictions when it comes to packing, and you have much more space to pack more items. Plus, once you check your bag, you do not have to worry about carrying it through the airport, especially if you have layovers. If you choose to check a bag, it is smart to purchase an Apple airtag so you are able to track where it is at all times, and you do not have to worry about it getting lost. 

Why You Shouldn’t Bring a Checked Bag. 

For the most part, it always costs money to check a bag, so if you are looking to save money, this might not be the best option for you. Checking a bag also takes more time at the airport, so if you are in a rush, it is important that you make sure you get to the airport early enough to have ample time to get your bag checked in. Of course, there is also the risk of the airline losing your luggage, and the risk of your luggage or items within getting damaged throughout the process of it getting on and off the plane.