Well now the boredom has really kicked in and many of us resort to opening up the refrigerator and overeating and snacking to break up the work day at home. What else are we supposed to do while stuck inside and our office is only a couple steps away from the kitchen? We can start eating healthy once this COVID-19 pandemic is over, right? This mindset can be altered and you can maintain healthy eating habits while in quarantine. This is a vital time to keep your health strong. What and how much you put into your body will determine how you are going to feel. Here are some quick tips to prevent ‘over-snacking’. 

Meal prep and schedule when you are going to eat snacks and meals throughout the day. If you portion out your snacks beforehand then you are not allowing yourself an unlimited amount of food. You can allow yourself to have the appropriate serving size of your favorite treats rather than eating an entire bag of Doritos in one sitting. This also gives you a better idea of when to eat during your day; for example lunch at noon and a snack in the late afternoon.

Don’t work in or near the kitchen. Try setting up your workspace somewhere other than your kitchen or dining room table. This will prevent you from being reminded of the abundance of food in your cabinets only 1 step away. Setting up a desk on a different floor in your house, or even somewhere that the kitchen is not in sight can help to limit snacking.

Drink water. Oftentimes when you think you are hungry, your body actually just wants water and may even be slightly dehydrated. Grabbing that 2nd or 3rd cup of coffee sounds like a good idea in the afternoon, but water will make you less jittery, anxious and won’t ruin your sleep schedule. We all know that there are many benefits to drinking water, so put down the coffee and cocktails and start drinking some H2O! You will start to notice that it will curve your hunger too.

Stick to the healthy foods. The junk food seems so much more appealing on the store shelf, but try to avoid buying it in the first place. This will ultimately prevent you from having the option to eat something less nutritious. Buying and snacking on more nutritious foods will help boost your mood, manage your appetite and keep you healthier. There are many healthy alternatives to your favorite junk foods like putting lemon and lime juice on grapes for the same satisfaction of eating Sour Patch Kids!