::: Throughout May 2020, industry-leading plant-based foods purveyor ‘Veggies Made Great’ is galvanizing its base to nominate health care workers to receive free supply of tasty, nutritious and immunity-boosting veggie-driven victuals :::

During this challenging time, each day health care workers from coast to coast have risked (and continue to risk) their own welfare to help save the lives of others. Amid the chaos and stress, it can be difficult for these front-line fighters to be mindful of their own well-being, certainly where nutrition is concerned. With this in mind, Veggies Made Great, the leader in unique vegetable-rich foods, is on a mission to spread the love and ensure its nourishing and convenient products can benefit health care workers, and their counterparts, nationwide.

Toward this end, throughout May 2020 the company is urging throngs of #VegHead members in its Veggies Made Great Community—a free-to-join online platform proffering freebies, plus a myriad of new and exciting ways to amp up nutrition with veggies—to nominate health care workers they would like to reward with the gift of good nutrition. On May 31 the initiative culminates with 20 health care heroes being randomly selected to receive an assortment of Veggies Made Great’s garden-to-grins grocery gifts.

This is just one exemplary way #VegHead members in the Veggies Made Great Community benefit. Beyond the opportunity to procure free products, the portal also avails exclusive special discounts; early access to new product releases and other company news; sample products and share feedback; the ability to chat with various health experts like nutritionists, dietitians, health coaches, fitness instructors and more; and even chat with other like-minded #VegHeads; and share ideas, recipes and information. 

“Because only one in 10 Americans eat the daily recommended amount of veggies, our overarching mission with our product line—and facilitating community-based social collaboration—is to is to get America hooked on vegetables,” a Veggies Made Great company spokesperson said. “Fad diets come and go and health advice changes over time, but there is one health message that has never changed: Eat your vegetables. With this, we’re proud to say that vegetables are the first and primary ingredient in every product we offer. Whether the vegetables that make up the product are hidden—like zucchini and carrots in our Double Chocolate Muffins, or the highlight of the product like kale and cauliflower in our Superfood Veggie Cakes, we endeavor to help individuals and families find new and delicious ways to eat more veggies.”

Luckily, plant-based solutions have never been easier to find…or tastier. For its part, Veggies Made Great creates top quality, remarkably delicious and nutritionally smart, veggie-rich foods that are ready to eat and available everywhere. The company creatively combines clean and simple ingredients to create a remarkably delicious, convenient and frozen line of veggie-rich prepared foods for everyday snacks and meals—this includes a wide assortment of muffins, veggie cakes and frittatas. What’s more, the product line is allergy friendly—gluten, soy, peanut and tree-nut free.

So, if you’re game for gaining fresh, exciting ways to get more veggies into you and your family’s diet, the new Veggies Made Great Community is a great free-access place to learn, interact, share, chat and win rewards. There, you can directly engage with dietitians, health coaches and other key experts to answer your questions and give you ideas. Perhaps best of all, being a #VegHead gives you the opportunity to give back to health care workers in a way that sustains them from the inside out. Hopefully the way to a health care worker’s heart is through their stomach.