If you’re buying a new home or ready to redesign your current one, you might be wondering how to approach a new interior design concept. There are endless design choices you can choose from for decorating your home, which can feel overwhelming for some homeowners. If you’re not sure where to start, keep reading to learn how to choose an interior design style that’s right for you.

Examine Your Space

Start by examining your home and the space you have available to work with. While you can channel any design style into your home regardless of available space, getting an idea of your rooms’ dimensions will help keep your grand design ideas realistic. You want your design elements to blend into your space, not overwhelm it.

Take a Design Quiz

If you don’t have much of an eye for interior design but are eager to dive into the field, start by taking a decorating style quiz. You can find many quizzes online that will gauge your style preferences and select an interior design style that reflects your choices. This can help get you moving in the right direction to find the style that best reflects you.

Find Style Inspiration

Once you’ve completed a few interior design quizzes, take the results and learn more about them. For example, if you’ve just been recommended minimalism, start compiling examples of this design style. Whether you’re curious about the components of industrial design or achieving a farmhouse style (or anything in between), start by finding inspiration for each. One of the best places to go to find inspiration online is Pinterest. Start a board of your favorite interior design references. You could also visit your local furniture stores to get a more physical idea of designs and the furniture and accessories that go into them.

Consider Home Design Trends

Finally, you may also want to consider the styles that are currently trending in the interior design world. While you should never let what’s trending stop you from choosing a unique style, some homeowners prefer to choose a trending style to add to the value of their homes. This is especially true for those planning to put their homes on the market soon.

Discovering your ideal interior design style isn’t as hard as it would first seem. Use these tips for how to choose an interior design style that’s right for you to create the best version of your home.