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Britt’s Best Bites of the Week

For true foodies, there is nothing more exciting than trying out a new restaurant, especially in a beautiful, fun location! Visiting a new restaurant gives you the opportunity to visit a new place that you have not been to before. Not to mention, introducing yourself to some unique dishes and drinks that you have never tried. And, what is better than trying out a new place that you know is “foodie accrediting?” This week, we’re featuring some of “Britt’s Best Bites’” favorite coastal locations that are an absolute must to add to your restaurant bucket list. If you are in any of the following areas, be sure to give these restaurants a try (you won’t regret it!):


South Shore: The Townshend in Quincy, MA

The Townshend founding, “in the spirit of refreshing and independent sensibility”. Stemming from colonists who limited imports from Britain, standing up for economic and political self-determination. At The Townshend, you can expect top-quality ingredients with top-quality hospitality.

pate's restaurant

Cape Cod & Islands: Pates Restaurant in Chatham, MA

Pate’s is a classic Chatham neighborhood restaurant that has been freshly redefined by Chef and Owner, Anthony Silvestri. Anthony has used his global adventures and time at some of New England’s hottest restaurants to create Pate, which has great food and great people!

South Coast: The Aviary in Swansea, MA

The Aviary is known for having outstanding cocktails that muddle and mix into order. They also have a rotating menu of local, seasonal craft beers, a wine list with dozens of wines, and knowledgeable services so you can select your perfect beverage.


East Bay & Aquidneck Island: Stoneacre Brasserie in Newport, RI

Stoneacre Brasserie features a small and ever-changing seasonal menu. They seek meats and produce from local farmers, butchers, and fishermen who follow environmental guidelines. Further, their wine list is cultivating, highlighting boutique French wine producers.


West Bay & South County: The Charlestown Rathskeller in Charlestown, RI

The Charlestown Rathskeller was starting out as a speakeasy and since then has become a great, unique establishment that is known as one of the best entertainment destinations in Southern New England. Here, you can enjoy steaks, local seafood, burgers, and sandwiches in their dining room, on their outdoor patio, or at their indoor or outdoor bars.