As our lives are ever changing due to the massive strike of the pandemic, health and fitness should still remain a valuable and important piece of our daily routine. Along with a healthy diet, exercise is a great way to boost, not only physical health, but mental health as well. Unfortunately, the pandemic has taken a huge toll on the health and fitness industry. Those who once enjoyed going to their local gyms are now encouraged to stay home to slow the spread of the virus. Many could not continue their routines due to the closing of these facilities. Others chose not to renew memberships. This may be due to the fear of the health and safety protocols and how well people will follow them.

There are many disadvantages to at home workouts. Including, a decrease in motivation, lack of equipment or space, or the lack of knowledge of the different exercises that can be performed at home. TRX may be the solution that these consumers are looking for! TRX is a form of suspension training. It offers full body workouts, as well as workouts that target specific areas of the body (arms, legs, core, etc).

There are many benefits to TRX including but not limited to:

  • TRX is simple and easy to learn
  • The only piece of equipment you need is the strap which can be purchased here
  • You can perform the exercises from your home and need limited space
  • It can be as easy or hard as you make it and are ready for
  • It is portable and easy to set up
  • There are plenty of modifications to tend to all different body types and ages
  • No age restrictions, anyone can do it
  • There are tons of online resources and instructions to follow

If you are looking to better your physical or mental health, TRX is a great option. Whether you don’t have the space or aren’t sure what exercises to perform, TRX makes at-home workouts simple, easy, and fun!