There is something satisfying about rolling up your sleeves and knocking out some yard work. Being able to look at your well-groomed yard, knowing the hand you played in it, just makes you feel good. Still, that doesn’t mean that you should do every task yourself. There are some landscaping projects you should leave to the professionals for the sake of your lawn and your safety.

Sprinkler Systems

Irrigation systems offer a plethora of benefits to a yard and garden; however, installing them comes with its own collection of challenges. Installing a sprinkler system requires knowledge of pipe sizing, backflow systems suitable for the environment, and spacing of sprinkler heads. Beyond this, anytime you dig deep enough to install piping, you run the risk of severing cables, damaging septic tanks, or running into tree roots.

Aerating the Lawn

The process of aerating your lawn may seem easy at a glance. However, there is more to aerating the yard than poking holes in the ground. Aerating the yard requires proper machinery as well as knowing how to use it; using aeration machinery improperly can damage your yard. Besides, when installing your own sprinkler systems, you also risk damaging subterranean materials crucial to your home’s functions.

Tree Maintenance

A damaged tree can become a serious safety risk to your home, and because of that, it is often a homeowner’s first instinct to rush out and take care of a tree trimming job immediately.  However, trying to trim a tree without knowledge of a tree’s anatomy or the correct tools to do the job puts you at risk of injuring the tree, your property, and yourself. This is especially true if there are signs that the tree is ready to be removed.


Hardscaping—the inorganic elements of the landscape such as walkways, walls, and patios—is a costly addition to the home. The cost, of course, is offset by its beauty as well as the way it adds to the value and curb appeal of the home. However, doing hardscaping wrong can take away from this value while adding to the cost.

 This alone is a reason why this a landscape project best left to the professionals. But hardscaping can also be dangerous due to the heavy materials and machinery needed to do the task right. Besides that, hardscaping jobs done by professionals are likely to last longer and be better designed than DIY projects.