Home Improvement – CARTA Digital Mapping Wheel – $149.99

The CARTA Digital Mapping Wheel can measure, calculate, provide guidance, and measure units all in one. It can create and design projects with the “Lets Plott” app, calculate area, material, and cost, take you to the real world and provide key points with a known starting point, as well as measure yards, feet, inches, and meters.

Grilling – The Grillfather T-Shirt – $19.95

This is the perfect gift for the griller in your life, especially for a father figure or grandfather! This shirt is made in the USA and is imported. It was designed and drawn by Michigan artists and printers and is made in unisex modern fit sizing.

Landscaping – Metal Garden Handle Shovel – $17.38

This shovel is very handy for digging and prying in soft soil and gardens. It is a field camping tool as well as a smart, multi-functional ultra-compact tool for gardening as well as other outdoor activities. The belt offers quality, durable stainless steel with anti-rust coating.

Exercise – AQUA Fitness Deluxe Flotation Belt – $21.99

This belt is a great piece of equipment for a nice workout during the summer months. It provides “neutral buoyancy” around your torso and is optimal for balance and safety in shallow or deep water. With this belt, you can experience less stressful workouts in the water alleviating stress on the joints.