Cooking – Dumpling Maker Set – $19.99

This Dumpling Maker Set is so much fun and easy to use. The dough cutter cuts perfectly sized discs to be used as wrappers for the dumplings. This is also a great set to make empanadas or raviolis! With the purchase, you can also make the most of the set with an eBook of delicious recipes.

Relaxation – Breo Eye Massager – $129.99

Everyone needs the Breo Eye Massager, especially for those who experience dry eyes, migraines, or are just looking for some better sleep! The Breo Eye Massager features adjustable heat and less noise; it also ensures good eye circulation.

Cleaning Tilswall Electric Spin Scrubber – $59.99

The Tilswall Electric Spin Scrubber has totally changed traditional manual cleaning. With this scrubber, you can easily clean your entire house quickly and efficiently. It features a multi-purpose brush, is made from metal instead of plastic, and a tool-free extended handle!

Entertainment – Charcuterie Board Floating Cheese Board Set – $18.99

Any woman who enjoys entertaining needs this Charcuterie Board Floating Cheese Board Set – immediately! This board reduces space on the dining table by allowing other items underneath and is perfect to use as a center piece or for outdoor use at a cookout.