One of the saddest consequences of the pandemic is the inability to show hospitality to others. Fewer people feel comfortable inviting neighbors, friends, and family over, given the built-in risk of exposure to the coronavirus.

That said, the pandemic doesn’t have to stop you from preparing for when visitors can come through your door once again. And when they step inside, you better have a beautiful foyer waiting for them. To learn how to create a stylish foyer, consider these three helpful tips.

Pick a Bold Color Palette

Your foyer is where visitors get their first taste of you in your element. Rather than designing a bland space, take the leap and paint it a deep green or lipstick pink or royal blue or whatever color gets at your personality. Sometimes, an accent wall behind a foyer table sets the tone well while also directing guests’ attention there. Going this route creates a pleasing sense of emphasis, which is one of several basic interior design principles you should attend to. Pairing bold colors with matching décor is the final touch that will bring your foyer alive.

As you make plans, don’t neglect to consider how your foyer blends into your other spaces. Too sharp a transition without any continuity is off-putting.

Make Your Functional Pieces Tasteful

Also, avoid ferrying the same foyer table or shoe bench from house to house because it’s functional. When you create a stylish foyer, you’ll need to get coat racks, benches, storage, and tables that work with your aesthetic rather than against it—simple as that. If your foyer wall is dark, pick up chairs that add a pop of complementing color. For a room with wood beams above, consider investing in a traditional patterned rug and solid, rustic wood furniture.

Adds Touches of You

To top it all off, add little pieces that have meaning to you. Display your family photos, books that you love, or art that speaks to you. These personal touches keep it from feeling too artificial or showy, like it isn’t for you. While it’s nice to design a room for guests, don’t forget that you’ll spend the most time in it.