Let’s turn the party switch to the “on” position. How can you make your special event stand out from the rest? Keep your guests talking about what a fantastic host you are long after they’ve gone home. From invitations to take-home souvenirs, here’s how to make your special event extra memorable all the way through.

Eye-Catching Invitations

Whether you send e-vites or paper invitations, grab your guests’ attention with something other than plain white. Coordinate the color scheme to match the theme of your event; for example, if you’re hosting a gender reveal party, consider shades of pink and blue. Use fonts that are friendly but readable.

Delicious Bites

Plan your menu in advance, and ask your guests if they have any dietary restrictions. Accommodate them in style—have something besides salad on hand to offer your vegetarian and vegan guests! Set up your dining area depending on the mood of the party. A fancy sit-down dinner with multiple courses offers a different vibe than a big buffet table.

Center of Attraction

Chocolate fountains and ice sculptures are classic centerpieces, but your main attraction can also be a tower of macarons or a cake shaped like a champagne bottle. Wow your guests and keep them talking for days afterward—soon, you’ll have a reputation as an imaginative and extravagant host.

Sentimental Souvenirs

Send your guests home with something to keep, whether it’s a small succulent plant or a custom T-shirt to commemorate the day. If you do design T-shirts for your event, choose high-quality shirts and a slogan or logo that will remind them of the amazing time they had. Make it something they’ll want to wear again and again.

Host Another One!

Not right now, obviously, but keep your guests wanting more. During your event, let people know that you’re already planning something new.

As you plan your next smashing special event, keep your guests at the center of your planning process. You’ve learned how to make your special event extra memorable, so put these tips into action next time you’ve got an occasion to celebrate!