Whether you’re expecting new friends or family to come over for dinner or games, you need to know how to host. No matter who you have over, etiquette is key. Follow these tips for having guests for the first time so that everything runs smoothly!

Tidy Up the House

Don’t wait until the day of your plans to do all the cleaning. This is stressful, and you may forget to do something. Don’t solely focus on the areas you plan to stay in. This is especially true if you’re having family or close friends over since they may want a house tour.

When you clean the house, make sure you:

  • Vacuum
  • Dust
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Put clutter away
  • Fix the bed(s)
  • Wash any dishes

Taking care of cleaning ahead of time allows your guests to focus on what’s important: your home. Cleaning also helps you realize what you need to buy. For instance, you may notice you need toilet paper before guests arrive.

Introduce Pets

If you have a pet, then make sure you properly introduce them to your guests. Dogs intimidate some people, but a proper introduction can lessen anxiety for both your dog and your guest. Begin by keeping your dog in a separate room until everyone settles in.

Slowly introduce the two. Consider leashing your dog, so you have control and can prevent your pup from jumping on anyone. Finally, listen and observe. If your guest or dog shows signs of discomfort, separate your pup and leave it in a comfortable location for the evening.

Serve Enough Food

As the saying goes, “it’s better to have too much than not enough.” Serving enough food is one of the most important tips for having guests for the first time. You want to make a great first impression, and running out of food when guests are still hungry is embarrassing. Plan your menu ahead of time, so you can serve appetizers shortly after everyone arrives. Then, you’ll naturally transition into drinks and dinner.

As a first-time host, you may not know what to serve. Consult friends, family, or your guests on your meal plan a few days in advance. Don’t make anything too complicated—you may get stressed or lose track of time. Remember, once the doorbell rings, it’s showtime!