Of course, your charm and winning personality play into whether you’re considered for a variety of events on land and sea. However, party hosts have an appreciation for those guests who contribute. Knowing how to be the best party guest will help you get on all of the guest lists this summer after your initial appearance.

An Offering

Party etiquette says you should not arrive empty-handed. Whether you ask what you can bring, or you choose an offering based on your knowledge of the host’s interests—bring something. The gift or consumable should not be extravagant, but should be memorable and given upon arrival.

Your Timing

There is a difference between being the first to arrive and getting there early. If you’re among the first few at the party, the host is typically still running around. You may lose your opportunity for a formal greeting, however, there is an opportunity for you to lend assistance for finishing touches and that makes you memorable. However, if you arrive early, you are putting added stress on the host. The message you’re sending says that you can’t respect schedules and boundaries, and you therefore may appear as an invited nuisance.

The Greeting

Be sure that you take time to specifically greet the host and thank them for hosting the party if they are still running around when you arrive. Use names and eye contact to convey sincerity. Anyone who puts on a get-together wants to be appreciated for their efforts, as well as have fun with their guests.

Be Social

Mingling is essential. As you make your way through the party, be sure to engage with as many guests as possible. The more people you get to know, the more likely you’ll be to join them all again. The more charismatic and fun to be around you are, the more you would be missed at an alternate event.

Be Helpful

As previously touched upon, being helpful if you arrive before many other guests can be notable. Taking small steps to clean up as you pass trash or opening a door for someone with full hands should be normal behavior when around people. However, if this is something you often fail to think about, remain conscious to make an impression. No one wants a repeated guest who doesn’t respect the property.

Show Appreciation

Bringing an offering is one way to show appreciation, however, you can do other things as well. Knowing what to bring to your next party could range from your own towel if you’re going to swim, drinks to share, sunscreen, and anything else that you don’t have to trouble the host for; the easier you can make it for your gracious host and friends to enjoy their party without interruption, the better.

There are many suggestions on how to be the best party guest. The bottom line is to be less annoying and troublesome and more of a positive impact in every way possible. The more you can take care of yourself and help keep the guests happy, the more valuable you’ll be. You can win this upcoming party season!