While the game of golf is an extremely fun and entertaining sport, it is also important that while you are
on the course you maintain the rules of the game in a respectful manner. When it comes to the proper
etiquette of golf, there are several rules and regulations – everything from course rules to proper
apparel. Here are a few ways that you can make sure that you are on top of what can and cannot be
done on the course, and how to maintain your golf etiquette:

 Be early to your tee time. The more punctual you are – the better! Try and get to the course at
a reasonable time ahead of your tee time so you can go into the game feeling relaxed and laid
back versus rushed and stressed.

 Stay quiet and avoid sudden movement. Make sure that you stay quiet on the course and
allow people with you and around you to focus and concentrate on their game. If you swing and
miss, or are disappointed with your shot, make sure that you stay as calm as possible. At the
same time, make sure that you avoid sudden movements that may distract players as well.

 Keep the game moving. After you finish your shot at each hole, make sure that you keep the
game moving so groups behind you can continue at a steady pace. While you do not want to
rush, you want to make sure that you are playing in a timely manner. Stay at a reasonable
speed between shots, and throughout the duration of your game.

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