Klipsch AWR-650-SM Outdoor Rock Speaker | $329 each

Satisfy your summertime urge to rock out. The AWR-650SM speaker from Klipsch packs over seven decades of audio experience into one weatherized package that will add extra pep to your curb appeal. These are the perfect way to take your music outside by the pool or to entertain for your next backyard BBQ shindig. Featuring Klipsch proprietary technology, the AWR-650SM speaker ensures the sound comes through just as the recording engineer intended it by dynamically matching your ear’s ability to hear lower frequencies. Impressively so, these rock speakers are weather-proof and available in granite or sandstone, this rock speaker will fit seamlessly into your outdoor decor. Choose from granite or sandstone finish.


Solo Stove Yukon Grill Accessory Bundle | $230

For those of you that own a Yukon stove this is a must have. For those that do not, well, take out your credit card. The Solo Stove Hub and Cast Iron Grill is a modular fire pit cooking system that melds the primal experience of outdoor cooking with an ingenious, modern design for a safe and satisfying way to drum up fireside fare. In addition, the Cast Iron Grill features wide grates and a non-stick pre-seasoned surface. Lastly, the Hub lifts the Cast Iron Grill to 8″ above your coals for ideal cooking temperatures.


Cape Cod Outdoor Shower PVC Shower Kit | from $2,149

The PVC Standard Shower Kit is Cape Cod Outdoor Shower’s first built, and is now the most popular. Originally it was constructed from high quality, durable cedar, but is now also manufactured in low-maintenance PVC for a modern, elegant look that will last for years and look great alongside any home. The PVC Outdoor Shower Kit is available as a complete kit and regular panels only, with optional extra posts against the house. The kit utilizes the side of a house as a wall measuring a standard 48” X 52” but can be expanded to 52” X 52” with extra posts. You can also move the door to any side you want.