In today’s world, overflowing closets have become the norm, mainly due to the fast fashion trend and how easily accessible new clothing has become. If you are not familiar with a capsule wardrobe, it is a carefully curated collection of clothing items that are not only essential but are timeless. These clothing items are perfectly suited to your own personal style and are items that you can easily mix and match not only today, but for years to come.

A capsule wardrobe offers an opportunity to embrace a minimalist approach to your fashion, helping you to stay organized, save some room in your closet, save money, and reduce your environmental footprint by avoiding fast fashion!

If building a capsule wardrobe is something that is of interest to you, check out some tips on how you can create the capsule wardrobe of your dreams.

capsule wardrobe

1 – Know what your style is.

Before going through your closet, take some time to reflect on what your personal style is, and what you want it to look like moving forward. Think about what colors you prefer to wear the most, what silhouettes you feel most comfortable in, and what patterns you enjoy incorporating into your outfits.

Before building a capsule wardrobe, you want to fully understand your style preferences so that you can ensure it will make you feel confident and reflect exactly who you are.


2 – Check out what you currently have in your closet and weed through it.

Next, take a closer look at your clothing collection as it stands now. Empty out your closet and go through each item, asking yourself if you wear it regularly, if it fits you well and makes you feel comfortable and confident, and if it is versatile enough to be styled in multiple ways.

In addition, if the item is not in good condition and requires alterations or repairs, consider selling, donating, or throwing it away. A good rule of thumb is if you have not worn the item in the last year, it should be removed from your wardrobe.


3 – Assess how much room you have for a capsule wardrobe.

Generally speaking, a capsule wardrobe can range between 20 – 50 items, which includes not only clothing, but shoes and accessories as well. Take a look at how much space you realistically have for your capsule wardrobe and build it in a way where you are able to simplify while also having enough pieces to align with your lifestyle.


4 – Select key pieces and remember to stay basic.

Now, you are ready for the most fun part of all! It is time to select the key pieces for your capsule wardrobe.

To form the foundation of your wardrobe, make sure you are selecting versatile basic items such as classic whites, jeans that fit well, a tailored blazer, and neutral-colored pants or skirts. Once you have the basics covered, add in some pieces that are more fun and reflect your own, personal style. If there are certain patterns that you love, such as florals or stripes, add them in!


5 – Shop mindfully.

For items that you do not already own and need to shop for, be sure that you are shopping mindfully. Shop with the mindset of ensuring that you will be able to mix and match the item, that the clothing can complement existing pieces that you have, and that it is made of a quality, durable material that will last you for years to come. Aim to buy less items, but buy better items that will serve you through various seasons. Building a capsule wardrobe will be one choice you never regret!