Becoming a runner can seem like a daunting task but is completely doable if you have the right tools to start and stick with it!

Running has so many benefits, both physically and mentally.

Physically, running can lower your blood pressure, lower your resting heart rate, help you to lose inches and weight, and even help to lower your cholesterol!

Mentally, running is a great escape for many people, and can help to produce endorphins to generally improve your mood! If you find yourself struggling with stress, depression, or anxiety, running can be a great release.

how to become a runner with friends

If you have been convinced to become a runner, we have pulled together some of the top tips to help get you started!

Choose the right running shoes.

First, make sure that you are kicking off with the right running shoes. This is extremely important so that you can avoid injuring your feet, your back, or getting shin splints! An ideal running shoe is flexible, very durable, and provides a lot of support. You want to ensure that the shoes that you choose are nice and lightweight, but also offer a good amount of cushion while keeping you stable.

Dress appropriately.

Depending on what season you are choosing to run in, make sure that you are dressed appropriately so that you are comfortable during your run. If it is chilly, wear layers that you can easily take on and off depending on whether you get too hot or cold. And, if it is hot out, don’t forget items such as a hat to keep you protected from the sun. Of course, always wear sunscreen! 

Get a heart rate monitor.

For those just starting out, it could be worth it to purchase a heart rate monitor, unless you are using a smartwatch that monitors this for you. This is helpful to track your runs and how your body responds to running in general, but also running longer and shorter distances. Until you become comfortable with your technique with running, this is a smart device to have! 

Have a perfect playlist.

When it comes to running, many people swear it is mind over matter! And what better way to distract your mind than with an awesome playlist?! Before heading on your run, pull together a playlist of your favorite songs that you know will pump you up and motivate you to stay consistent on your run and get through it.

Start small and gradually increase.

Do not put too much pressure on yourself when you first start out with running. Whether you want to start off measuring your runs by time or by miles, start small and gradually increase week by week. For example, for the first week of your running, try going for one mile, and tracking each day how your time improves! 

Set a goal.

Some people do better with exercise-related tasks when they have a goal to measure themselves against. There are many different types of goals that you can have when it comes to running. Preparing for your first 5K? Or maybe you want to make it all the way around a trail that you’ve been eyeing. Whatever your goal is, set it, and hold yourself accountable! 

Pace yourself.

One of the key ways to be a successful runner is to pace yourself. When you first start out on your run, try not to go too fast and tire yourself out in the beginning. Pace yourself and your overall speed so that you can ensure you will have the energy to go the full distance. Of course, over time, you will be stronger and faster! 

Fuel your body.

Lastly, be sure to fuel your body ahead of your run and after your run while you are recovering. Make sure that you are eating a nutritious diet and incorporating carbohydrates that will help to give you the energy you need.

And now it’s up to you. Follow our top tips for how to become a runner and we know you’ll be pounding the pavement in no time!