If you’re looking to kick off the summer with a few new hobbies, below are some suggestions to help you stay healthy and active. As always, a little bit of exercise no matter the amount will help to boost your overall mental and physical health. One of the most beneficial ways to stay healthy is by setting aside time during the day to get up and get active.

East Bay Bike Path 

The East Bay Bike Path is the perfect activity for those who enjoy the outdoors, a smooth walk/ run, or biking. There are plenty of parking areas on either end of the path in order to share the beautiful area and encourage visitors. The path runs 14.3 miles from Providence to Bristol, RI with plenty of picture perfect scenery in between. Additionally, there are plenty of restaurants and quick stops along the way for a bite to eat, a smoothie or even Del’s Lemonade.


Pick up a new hobby with a few friends and try out a game of tennis. It requires minimal equipment, that being a racket and a few tennis balls. Tennis offers a great opportunity to get out with friends or family and rally a ball back and forth. Whether or not you choose to play competitively, tennis is a great way to get your body moving and your blood flowing. The game is super simple to learn and also a fun way to challenge your friends or family. 

Local Gym Classes

Another great way to stay active no matter the weather is taking gym classes at your local fitness center. Sometimes it is hard to stay active when the weather does not permit but gym classes are a great way to stay fit, meet new people, and hold yourself accountable. Some classes to consider are listed below (some classes may vary):

  • Spin/ Cycling
  • Kickboxing
  • Body Pump
  • Yoga
  • TRX
  • Step & Strength


Pickle-ball is a fun sport that combines tennis, badminton, and table tennis. Similar to tennis, pickle-ball requires minimal equipment, a paddle and a ball. Some residential areas may be home to the pickle-ball courts but others simply apply the barrier lines to a tennis court. However, if you are looking to rally with friends, the lines are not necessary. Pickle-ball is a fun way to get outside and stay active.