Everyone wakes up every day, Monday through Friday, focusing on work and how they are going to help their families move forward. However, I do believe there is a void if all we focus on is making a living and forget that we are actually alive.


Translation, I practice gratitude on a daily basis not because I have to, but because I choose to. Every day I’m thankful for two experiences that happened the day before and for two people that have made an impact on me. When we view the world through this lens we’re already off to a great start.


“Every morning when you wake up, WHO ARE TWO PEOPLE YOU ARE THANKFUL FOR? They must be different every day to really challenge your mind. At the end of the day, REFLECT & WRITE DOWN TWO EXPERIENCES you were thankful for.”


Training the mind

When we train our minds to be thankful for all situations in life versus complaining about what we don’t have, it changes our perspective daily. It also alters our direction both personally and professionally.


Consider the ripple effect, when we go to work and we’re thankful for the receptionist answering the phones; thankful for the case managers; grateful for our clients, how does that make you feel? More importantly, how does that make the rest of your organization feel? Many times, we are too busy in our everyday life that we forget to stop and ask team members how we can help. We forget to say, “I appreciate all the work you do for us.”


Culture is created, it is not given; therefore, we must lead with intention in our work lives and our personal lives. The best part is, the more we practice this part of our mind the more it becomes a lifestyle. Studies show it takes 21 days to build a habit, but it takes 90 days to create a lifestyle.


My mission is to empower as many entrepreneurs as possible to make gratitude a fundamental element to their organization and their families. Try it for seven days, track your experiences in a journal, and tell me how you feel. I would love to hear feedback on any success stories about how we made an impact on ourselves and everyone around us.

Every morning when you wake up, who are two people you are thankful for? They must be different every day to really challenge your mind. At the end of the day, reflect & write down two experiences you were thankful for. Let’s lead by example with gratitude!


Wish you all health, happiness & success. •


Josh specializes in coaching people and corporations, and he firmly believes that finding your ‘drive within’ is the motivator to reach your goals.


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