Many people struggle with staying in shape during the hot and humid summer months. How are you supposed to run in 90 degree weather with 99% humidity? We have some quick tips to keep your workout routine alive.

Avoid mid-afternoon. The hours between 11am and 3pm are always the hottest in July and August. This makes it difficult to complete physical exercise outdoors. Make a note to try and workout in the early morning or around sunset, even if this means just taking a daily walk. This will keep you energized and avoid the possibility of heat exhaustion or another heat-related illness.

Walking. Taking a long, or short, stroll around your neighborhood can be considered a workout. Running long distances is difficult when the weather is keeping you in- side. By walking, you will still get a sweat and burn calories without feeling the extreme heat. Walking can boost your mood, strengthen your bones, and improve your coordination. Sounds better than not exercising at all, right?

Load up on Liquids. Water is vital no matter what time of the year while exercising, but it is critical through the summer months. Drinking a sports drink or anything with high electrolytes a couple hours before working out will also help your body stay hydrated. It is best to try and avoid the sugar-filled sports drinks. Just plenty of H2O before and after working out can do the trick!

Reward Yourself. Set small goals and reward yourself when they are completed. It could be something as small as taking a 5 minute break in the middle of a workout or ending your week with a professional massage. These things can help to motivate you to get through a workout, especially when it is hot out and it may be the last thing you want to do.

If cardio seems impossible in the heat of the summer, start lifting weights or doing yoga. This will prevent a rising heart rate or a heat- related illness outside during the summertime. Start small and work your way into more intense training. Stay safe and listen to your body.

Rest. On those 100 degree days that we all know are coming, it may be best to plan ahead and make it a rest day. An indoor workout on a treadmill or lifting weights can help you avoid the sun too. If you choose to run outside, take breaks when you feel necessary. No one wants to end up feeling lightheaded or passing out. Listen to your body and stop when needed.