If you need a vacation, what better place to travel than to a beach? There’s California of course, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina – and outside the US, be sure to visit the beaches of Mexico, Costa Rica, Barbados, and Greece; there are so many options!

It takes time and money to move to a beach town, which not everyone has. If you can’t get to that lovely beach home in Malibu, bringing the beach to you wherever you live is the next best thing, and it’s becoming trendy in 2020! 

Here are four ways to add some beach to your home.

Color Scheme and Textures

Light, airy, neutral colors are soothing, perfect for a long vacation. White is the dominant color here, backed up by sandy tans and light hints of browns. You can also add accent colors; try a sky blue or even indigo. Pastel colors like soft reds and yellows are a nice touch for some variety.

Get some greens in the mix by adding some potted palms or even small succulents. These will give your room added personality.

Curtains are popular too, in neutral or pastel colors – you won’t always want the sun shining into your room.

Faded, rough wood exteriors will send the beach house feeling home. This can be in the form of coffee tables or side tables. You can also add some wicker or woven baskets for extra storage. 

Wall decorations adhere to these same rules; buy some wooden lettering and add quotes about the ocean, beaches, surfing, sand, or other beachy themes.

Outdoor Showers

Outdoor showers, if the climate permits, are a must-have addition to any home if you want to evoke the beach house look! They are also great in homes with pools, even in cold weather climates. Most beach house style showers are wooden, with a wooden backsplash, wooden flooring, and, if walls are present, wooden walls.

There are two types of outdoor showers: rinse-only showers and closed showers.

Closed showers should include a latch and door, like any indoor shower. Most of these include a shelf for soap, towel hangers, and sometimes a bench – but the exact design is up to you!

Rinse-only showers are pretty self-explanatory: keep your swimsuit on and rinse off the sand and salt (or chlorine in indoor pools) before laying out in the sun. These showers generally do not have walls, but a two-sided shower could be an option for more privacy if you live in the suburbs or a crowded area.

There’s so many ways you can customize your outdoor shower space. For starters, hang up some tropical plants or surfboards on the wall – or invest in some funny beach signs to personalize the space.

If you live in a colder climate, consider adding a slanted roof for protection from the rain and snow. Some people add in roof windows to allow natural light into the shower, too.

For more outdoor shower ideas, check out our outdoor shower board on Pinterest!

Barbecuing Outdoors!

Decorating the space around your barbecue grill is easy! Similar to your outdoor shower decor, include some signs about the beach, tropical palms (and other warm weather plants), towel hangers, and beach toys. You can also add rocking chairs or sun chairs.

Some barbecues aren’t covered and are out on a deck or a patio. If your grill is under a roof, consider an outdoor range hood. It’ll remove the excess smoke created by the intense heat of your grill, keeping your ceiling and walls stain-free.

New England Beach Houses

East coast and west coast beach houses differ greatly from each other. West coast beach style is predominantly surf, sun, and sand – relaxing on the beach and enjoying the weather. East coast beach style is far different; here, fishing is king! Lobster trapping, shoreline fishing and deep sea fishing are all popular.

So, to decorate your New England beach house, anything that has to do with fish reigns supreme. Fishing lines, fishing rods, nets, and fish on placards hung on walls are great options. New England beach house colors include bright blues, yellows, and perhaps seafoam green. These loud colors give New England beach houses some personality and contribute to their quaint look.

Now it’s your turn; give some of this New England decor a try in your own home. Also, if you’re on the east coast or if you plan on traveling there, find a New England beach town! You won’t be disappointed.

Other Fun Accessories

Sand, seashells, bottles, bottles with sand and tied with twine or thick natural ropes like the kind you would find holding large ships to docks in the ocean…little trinkets like this can help reinforce your home’s beach house feel.

Smaller rooms like bathrooms, laundry rooms, and even bedrooms are easier to renovate because you don’t need to change too much. For bathrooms, find towels that complement beach colors like sky blue, white, cream, or tan. Bring in succulents or palms if you have windows. If you don’t, fake plants always work, too!

Driftwood makes great decor as well. Either build shelves with it or place small logs or branches on your existing shelves. Some people like to make wind chimes using small pieces of driftwood as a fun DIY project for their front or back decks.

Check out our beach house board on Pinterest for more ideas and inspiration.

Creating a beach style home is quite easy and relatively low cost. It’s all in the decorations! Simple additions here and there will go a long way. Now it’s time for you to get started designing your dream beach house. Good luck!