Seaside Sips

What is better than enjoying a refreshing, delicious cocktail with some outstanding waterfront views? Check out some of the best drinks that you must get to sipping– trust us, these will truly quench your thirst!

South Shore: The Lions Roar from The Townshend in Quincy, MA

Rum lovers, this one’s for you! The Lions Roar is mixed with over-proof rum, peach liqueur, pimento dram as well as lemon. Not to mention, it is the perfect amount of citrus and sweet!

petes punch
Cape Cod & Islands: Pates Punch from Pate’s Restaurant in Chatham, MA

Let the Pates Punch make you feel like you are away on vacation! The Pates Punch is mixed with Lawley’s dark rum, Malibu, pineapple, guava, and nutmeg. Undoubtfully, this cocktail is super refreshing!

Avaiary Resturant
South Coast: Tickled Pink from The Aviary Restaurant in Swansea, MA

Anything grapefruit-flavored – sign me up! The Tickled Pink cocktail is mixed with Deep Eddy ruby red, St. Elder Elderflower liqueur, grapefruit juice, and a dash of lemon juice. It is then topped with prosecco and ready for your enjoyment!

Stoneacre Brasserie
East Bay & Aquidneck Island: Champagne Cocktail from Stoneacre Brasserie in Newport, RI

Champagne is always a good idea, especially mixed with a cocktail. The Champagne Cocktail mixes pomegranate, house bitters, bubbles as well as lemon zest. This drink is a great simple choice that will quench your thirst and leave you wanting more!

Charlestown Rathskeller

West Bay & South County: Nothing to Lose from The Charlestown Rathskeller in Charlestown, RI

If you are into anything pineapple flavor, this cocktail is for you. The Nothing to Lose mixes pineapple rum, lemon juice, lillet rouge, and simple syrup. Not to mention, this cocktail will give you an amazing fruity flavor with a hint of citrus!