In a few months, we will be heading into warmer weather, which means that it will be time for you to start cleaning up your home from the wet, cold winter months. Prepping your home for the spring season may feel like an overwhelming task, but luckily, we have pulled together some of the top tips of how to get your home into tip-top shape. Whether you are in your forever home or planning to put your home on the market, here are some must-do’s as we move out of winter and into warmth: 

  • Look at your roof. First, check out your roof to see if there was any damage over the winter months. If so, it may be smart to invest in a more up-to-date roof by replacing any missing shingles, deep cleaning and ensuring that any branches, leaves and debris are brushed off.
  • Focus on landscape. Everyone can relate to the exterior of their home getting messy over the winter months. Focus on your landscape and get your yard back into shape by clearing out branches and leaves, feeding the lawn, trimming your trees and shrubs and planting new flowers. Remember that your front lawn, especially, is the first impression for those visiting your home. 
  • Clear your gutters. It is important that you check on your gutters in case they are dirty. Luckily, it is a generally quick task and by keeping up on it you are saving yourself lots of money in the long run. By clearing out your gutters, you are helping to avoid any floods during the rainy spring weather.