We are at the start of a new decade, and with this comes brand new trends for the home that are becoming more and more common throughout the country. Whether you have jumped on the smart home technologies bandwagon yet or not, there is truly something for everyone to help make life a little easier. Here are some of our favorite kitchen technology trends that will improve your day to day and keep you up to date on the latest appliances, and more! 

  • Otto Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser. Gone are the days of having to pump your own soap! This soap dispenser is extremely convenient as you can easily and quickly get soap without getting any germs (especially great for the winter months when the common cold is lurking around). 
  • Balance Smart Blender. If you are into smoothies, this is the perfect item for you. This connects to Bluetooth and helps to continuously update your grocery list and track nutritional information for all your smoothie recipes. 
  • 2-Slice High Speed Smart Toaster. Everyone can use a toaster, whether they regularly eat bread, bagels, waffles or other types of grains. This toaster has a touch screen and sensors perfectly toasted items for you.
  • Smart 12-Cup Coffee Maker. Imagine having coffee made for you right when you wake up, without anyone having to do it for you? Well, now your imagination has become a reality. Using the Alexa or Echo app, you can set a specific time for your coffee to be brewed.