Physical activity is important for everyone, no matter how old you are – and that includes strength training. There are tons of different ways that you can get movement in throughout your everyday life, whether you choose to go for a walk or hike, a run, participate in a workout class, deep clean your house, or lift some weights.

If you are someone who works out often, you know firsthand how important strength training is and how many benefits come with it. Whether you are doing 15 minutes of strength training a day or a full hour, it will have a massive positive impact on your body – both physically and mentally.

Check out some of the benefits of strength training and why you should incorporate some weightlifting into your exercise routine.

Benefits of Strength Training

1 – Good for your mental health.

Movement in general can help to improve your mental health, but did you know that strength training specifically helps to decrease feelings of anxiety or depression? When it comes to self-care, strength training not only helps you to feel good about yourself but can also help to improve your mood overall and boost your brain power. If you are ever finding yourself in a funk, lifting some weights can quickly help to get you out of it and feeling more positively.


2 – Gives you more energy throughout the day – and helps you sleep better!

Strength training is great to do in the morning or as a start to your day, as it will greatly help to increase the amount of energy you have throughout the day and will help to set the day on a positive note overall. Not only can strength training help to keep you energized through the day, but it will also help you sleep better. If you are someone that finds themselves waking up a lot throughout the night, try incorporating some strength exercises into your routine to see if it helps you to get to a more regular sleeping pattern.


3 – Increases your muscle strength.

One of the most popular reasons why people incorporate strength training into their exercise routines if for muscle strength, and of course, to look toned! Having toned and strong muscles is not only good for the aesthetic reasons but can also help to prevent any possible injuries as your muscles will help to protect your body. It is important to remember that in order to grow muscles from both a strength as well as aesthetic perspective, you must remember to eat a proper diet and ensure you are getting enough rest and allowing your body to recover. Rest days are key!


4 – Burns more calories.

A common misconception of strength training is that if you are someone who is trying to lose weight, you may not want to be weightlifting consistently. The truth is this is completely inaccurate. Weightlifting and strength training can help you to lose weight, in combination with a balanced and healthy diet. When you are burning calories as you are weightlifting, you are not only burning calories during the exercises, but you are also burning more throughout the rest of your day. Some examples of this can include workout classes such as Orange Theory or Barry’s Bootcamp, which are high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes that help to increase your metabolic rate.


5 – Improves your cardiovascular function.

The more strength training you incorporate into your exercise routine, the more that your cardiovascular function will improve and strengthen. Lifting weights can strengthen your lungs and your heart, while also having a positive impact on your cholesterol as well as your blood pressure. This will help you to increase your quality of life overall!