Can you have an eco-friendly yard without compromising on aesthetics and style? We’re here to tell you that it’s absolutely possible. Creating an outdoor space that’s beneficial to the planet as well as to your lifestyle is as simple as that. It’s possible, but it takes due diligence and effort. Whether you’re planning ahead to spring or looking for a small project to tackle on a sunny day during this cooler season, take a look at these unique ways to create a more eco-friendly outdoor space.

Create Your Own Eco-Friendly Fire Pit

One of the most unique ways to create a more eco-friendly outdoor space is to keep the atmosphere naturally cozy. Warm fires are associated with romantic evenings and family bonding time, and they’re perfect all year round. Fire pits are for more than keeping warm, too—they also increase your outdoor entertaining space.

Quite a number of eco-friendly options are available for use in your yard. Including some that don’t burn wood or contribute to air pollution. If you’re ec-savvy, consider natural gas, bioethanol, or wood alternatives. Eco-friendly fire pits are truly unique and versatile as well as portable, easy to clean, and completely safe.

Go Green with Pavement Solutions

Traditional asphalt isn’t harmful to the environment by itself, but the runoff that occurs after rainfalls is. Runoff not only contributes heavily to flooding and erosion issues. It also plays a role in the pollution of our water supply system. Several durable and eco-friendly pavement solutions are available to improve your outside living space if you have a larger project in mind.

One of these solutions is to use traditional patio pavers but to leave spaces in between each of the patio slabs in your outdoor landscape. These gaps will be beneficial, as they help water drain correctly—back into the ground, that is. Otherwise, permeable patio pavers can be a solution to direct any rainwater overflow to the ground where it belongs rather than into a usual runoff system. Whichever sustainable solution you choose bound to work in everyone’s favor.

Highlight Your Yard’s Natural Beauty

To decrease your economic footprint, consider decorating your yard with natural materials that embellish its true beauty. If you have a considerably big yard, think of birdbaths, potted or in-ground plants, or even smaller ponds. If your yard is smaller, create unique sculptures, wind chimes, or planters with natural resources. You can think globally and be inspired by outdoor spaces around the world in your design but still buy and decorate with local materials.

Your outdoor living space should be a comfortable place to enjoy and marvel at, but it should also take into consideration the Earth’s natural resources. Truly, a variety of design options using green materials are possible based on your style—whether that’s more modern, contemporary, or traditional—to create the outdoor space of your dreams.