As the days get colder and the leaves turn to shades of autumn, it becomes more difficult to get yourself out of the house. However, the cooler temperatures shouldn’t stop you from enjoying time outdoors or connecting with nature. Whether you have a routine of spending time outside or you want to create one for yourself, you can benefit from these tips for spending more time outside during the fall.

Have a Campfire

You may not like the cooler weather, but you can warm up by hosting a campfire in your backyard. Whether you have a large burn pile or a designated firepit, you and your guests can gather around the fire, look up at the stars in the sky, and enjoy each other’s company. Connecting with nature doesn’t require extensive physical activity; sitting around a fire with a blanket on your lap is an excellent way to refresh your soul and take in the beautiful views.

Hang String Lights on the Porch or Patio

It’s no secret that daylight doesn’t last as long during the fall months—it may even be dark by the time you have a chance to step outdoors. Don’t let the darkness stop you; hang string lights around your porch or patio area to shine some light on your party. Whether you invite friends over for a gathering or end the day by drinking tea alone, you can’t beat the relaxing ambience of an outdoor escape in the fall.

The possibilities are endless if you think of your porch or patio as an extension of your house. Hanging lights is a start, but there’s so much more to consider when it comes to knowing how to turn your drab backyard into a colorful oasis.

Play Outdoor Games and Sports

Playing games and sports isn’t just for kids; in fact, you can have so much fun outdoors when you organize days throughout the fall season to play volleyball, badminton, horseshoe, or four square with your friends and family. There’s no better way to spend time outdoors than hanging with your favorite people and getting active.

Go to the Pumpkin Patch or Apple Orchard

Apple and pumpkin picking only comes around once a year, and it just so happens to be autumn. Whether you enjoy eating apples or decorating with pumpkins, you can spend time outdoors by picking your own at the orchard or patch. Although the weather may be crisp when prime apple and pumpkin season arrives, you can keep warm by wearing a sweater and cozy boots.

Pro Tip

If you need a new family portrait, the apple orchard is an excellent location to take one suitable for a large print.

Hopefully, these tips for spending more time outside during the fall will help you and your family connect with nature regardless of the shortened daylight and colder weather. After all, there will be even fewer opportunities to get outside once winter comes around.