A handsome yard plays a big part in your home’s exterior appearance. However, maintaining its appearance requires careful attention. Luckily, there are some solutions to this dilemma. With our tips for creating a low-maintenance landscape, you won’t need to give up on having a beautiful outdoor space.

Obtain an Automatic Irrigation System

Having trouble keeping track of when you need to water the lawn and shrubs? An automatic irrigation system will take this burden off your shoulders. It can connect to your water lines underground to deliver water right where you want it. You can also set times for the sprinklers to activate. Some advanced systems include sensors that monitor the weather. During seasons with a lot of precipitation, they refrain from spraying.

Plant Hardier Vegetation

You can also try planting hardier vegetation. Go online and look up plants that flourish in your area that don’t require much attention. In general, perennial flowering plants, flowering shrubs, and coniferous species can meet these guidelines. Visiting your local landscaping store may also prove useful, as workers there could guide you to the right plants and provide advice on how to care for them.

Utilize Low-Maintenance Materials

Your materials should also make your life easier. One tip for creating a low-maintenance landscape is to choose highly durable materials that provide secondary benefits. Mulch is a great material for when you’re having trouble with your yard. It suppresses weed growth, regulates ground temperatures, and helps your soil hold moisture. All of this makes it much simpler for your plants to thrive. Building outdoor structures or large paved areas is also a good idea, since stone, brick, and plastic won’t die. It’s best to avoid wood, since it can rot. Go for alternatives such as recycled plastic lumber instead. It will remain unchanged no matter what nature throws at it.