Coastal homes often feature traditional designs, providing continuity over the years of storms and sun. But even cherished retreats need freshening from time to time. It isn’t necessary to completely remodel your kitchen—you wouldn’t dare remove Grandma’s cabinets or the shelves Grandpa lovingly installed. But the top trends in kitchen finishes for 2022 allow you to add some new elements without completely replacing cherished elements of the heart of your home.

Greens and Blues

Sage and willow greens have been everywhere in kitchens over the past few years, and for good reason. They’re soothing, traditional, and they look great on classic cabinetry. In 2022, greens range from olive to a subtle mint. New greens are subtle, fresh, and a bit younger looking than the dustier sage tones from past years. Think a greener griege.

Blue is still big but will trend toward a lighter slate blue in 2022, leaning toward grey. Yellow is even coming into kitchens, but again, in a mellow, understated way, as in ivory tones.

Slab Backsplashes

While subway tile has its place, a slab backsplash makes a statement. Stone that can’t be used as a countertop can make an impression as a backsplash. Or you can echo your island countertop with matching stone on the backsplash. Take it all the way to the ceiling to add an impression of dramatic height to your kitchen.

Curves and Integrated Sinks

Sharp, square corners on countertops will give way to curvier looks with rounded edges that ease movement around the space. Integrated sinks of the same material as the countertops give a seamless look. Along with ever popular marble and quartz, soapstone will make itself known in kitchens in 2022.

Eye Catching Accessories

Cabinet door knobs and drawer pulls take on a more prominent position, with polished brass standing out. Keep the shiny metal pulls and knobs smaller, as they’ll draw a lot of attention adorning your newly painted cabinets.


Some kitchens will eschew painted cabinets altogether, opting instead for natural wood grains. Others will employ stand-alone, vintage wood furniture pieces as work tables or storage to add the natural, earthy look of wood to the heart of the home.

Pantries and Closed Off Kitchens

After years of open floor plans, a little privacy while preparing food is a wonderful thing. Adding a windowed wall, or closing off the kitchen from the living space entirely, will be a thing in 2022. The kitchen becomes the retreat from the television, dining table, and conversation group.

Repurposing some kitchen space to create a dedicated pantry will also be a feature of redone kitchens in 2022. There’s never enough storage, and there are only so many open shelves you can use without things becoming cluttered. A pantry cupboard or even a walk-in carved out from a closet will take on more of the food storage and preparation duties.

Switching out countertops, adding an apron sink, and changing hardware may be all you need to update your kitchen with top trends for 2022 that will be classic enough to last years.