Waking up early on cold winter mornings to shovel snow can be such a hassle. Not only that, but it can also lead to back pain and requires a significant amount of energy. However, with the help of certain technology, this will not have to be a problem anymore. With products like HeatTrak, we can stop shoveling snow and get the chance to enjoy those beautiful snow days.

Who is HeatTrak?

HeatTrak®, LLC is the world’s premier manufacturer of outdoor matting products that can heat up. HeatTrak’s products are an efficient and convenient way to get rid of the accumulation of snow and ice that surrounds the home or workplace. Additionally, they create safer pathways to prevent slips by continuously melting the snow and ice. Not to mention, their products are even a cleaner alternative than calcium chloride. HeatTrak is also very durable because it operates between surfaces of non-slip rubber.

What HeatTrak Offers?

There is a variation of mats for stairways, walkways, entryways (even those with mobility ramps), and driveways. HeatTrak also offers a variety of sizes to fit the location you want to place it in. HeatTrak makes snow melting easier right in the comfort of your home. It even makes working in certain weather conditions easier and safer. To make things even easier, all of their cables can be bought straight from their website.

How HeatTrak Works?

There are only a few simple steps to ditch the shoveling and install the HeatTrak. First, plan the space out. You should consider where it will be located (the stairway, walkway, entryway, or driveway). The next step is to connect the mats. The walkway mats and stair mats can connect using a water tight plug and socket system. This will create a snow-free and slip-free zone. Step three, start the system up. HeatTrak has a power unit with a built in GFCI regulator to connect the mat to an outlet. Finally, come snowfall, the mat will heat up and melt away the snow. Impressively so, HeatTrak even offers a Replacement Light Tester to show you if all the mats are connected properly. The last step is adding smart home features. You can add remote controls, smart home Wi-Fi, and an Inline thermostat.


With HeatTrak there is no shoveling, salting, or slipping. You can just plug in your mats, and let HeatTrak do all the work for you. With HeatTrak Pro, businesses can keep everyone safe with large slip-free or custom mats. They can also be left out all winter long. The ice melting mats can remove up to 2″ per hour. Save some time with HeatTrak!