Being a success takes drive and hard work, the kind that never lets up. It can be hard to justify splurging on many of the finer things in life, though, or to even find the time to enjoy them. But then, what are you working for? There are many frivolous ways to live a luxurious life, but some investments are worth it. When you prioritize quality over quantity, you’ll appreciate the things that truly enrich your life.

Vacation Homes

It’s not about the location or even the amenities. Regular vacations are about treating yourself to the luxury of time. On your journey to success, no one will tell you to take off for a few weeks. But establishing a tradition of getting away from it all is essential for reconnecting with your loved ones. A vacation home is a motivation for making memories in a beloved, familiar place, and an asset you can pass on to the next generation. You’ll find yourself looking for more opportunities to use all that time off that you’ve earned, and get some perspective on the quality of your day-to-day life.

Jewelry and Watches

You may know people who are dripping in diamonds or brag about their newest Rolex. You don’t have to be them. But at some point in your life, you deserve a gift of the finest materials and craftsmanship as a symbol of your achievements. You won’t know real beauty until you see the rarest miracle of a gem, in an exquisite setting created by a master. And a beautiful watch shouldn’t be a status symbol. It should be a proud acknowledgment that, although there will always be goals to strive for, what you have already accomplished is awe-inspiring.

Exotic Cars

If you’ve ever jumped from an airplane, pushed your body past its limits at a sport, or even given it your all on a karaoke stage, you understand that it’s the thrill of danger that makes you feel alive. Connecting with a legendary car, making it your own, and taking it on the open road is a way to achieve the same effect whenever you want to—you have the keys to it in your pocket. It’s not a car, it’s an extreme experience, and it’s the closest thing to flying. You can tell yourself that you’ll get bored of it, or that it’s just a phase. More likely? You’ll just want more.

Many of the ways to live a luxurious life are about appreciating the best version of something—stopping the hectic pace and giving in to pleasure. True luxury isn’t about things; it’s about giving in to experiences. If you love fine wines, for instance, you may take satisfaction in watching your collection grow. Even better? Rather than keeping them all as they grow in value, allow yourself to open a rare bottle and taste for yourself some of the most exquisite liquid known to man. What’s more luxurious than that?