Your windows are some of the most important external features of your home. Responsible for keeping the elements at bay and preserving the condition of your interior walls, they’re crucial lines of defense you can’t afford to lose. For this reason, it’s key that you put in the effort to take care of them while you can still prevent damage. Use these tips for maintaining your windows to protect your home from harm and yourself from costly repairs.

Inspect and Wash Your Windows Regularly

To start off, regular window inspections and washes are vital to catching potential issues before they evolve into something harder to handle. These actions give you the chance to take a closer look at your windows and note any new cracks, scrapes, or leaks in the sealant. You can then use this information to get these things fixed. For this reason, it’s recommended that you perform these checks at least once every season.

Keep Tracks Lubricated and Unblocked

While you’re cleaning your windows, you’ll want to give some attention to their tracks. If you tend to have your windows open a lot, debris can easily gather in these areas and make it more difficult for you to slide the windows up or down. Removing the debris can prevent this kind of performance failure, so it’s vital that you do so for the longevity of your windows. Make sure you lubricate these sections as well to ensure everything can move as it should.

Note Signs of Corrosion or Wood Rot

Another important tip for maintaining your windows is to devote a bit of extra time to looking for signs of corrosion or rot along their frames. This type of damage can be very harmful to windows, as it reduces their structural integrity over time and makes them weaker. These things are especially likely to occur in homes along the coast, as saltwater can increase the rate at which the material gets eaten away. Be sure to look for things such as worn or faded paint and softness along the wood.

Acknowledge When Replacement Is Necessary

It might seem counterproductive, but knowing when it’s officially time to get new windows is also an important way to maintain them. This is because you should never keep windows that clearly aren’t protecting your home the way they should be. In fact, doing so would mean making your property susceptible to even more damage, leading to more work for you. As such, if your repair jobs are no longer doing the trick, choose a quality window installation professional and purchase models you can trust.