If you have not already checked out Paris Seaport Bar & Creperie, located in Boston’s Seaport, be sure to add it to your bucket list for the summer!

Paris Seaport Bar is a laid-back, Modern French restaurant with a terrace, serving savory and sweet crepes, plus small plates, and cocktails. At Paris Seaport Bar, not only will you enjoy delicious food and drink, but it is also a great place to hang out with family, friends, or even on your own during a beautiful summer day.

Check out some of my favorite food and drink at Paris Seaport Bar:


Britt's Best Bites

If you are looking for some small plates to share, be sure to try the Rosemary Potatoes, Bruschetta Canape, as well as the Sundried Tomato.

  • The Rosemary Potatoes are served with melted Raclette cheese.
  • The Bruschetta Canape is a favorite (and vegan!) and served with tomato, shallot jam, and basil.
  • The Sundried Tomato is a great, light summer option, served with goat cheese on Baguette toast.


For sandwiches, some of my must-tries include the Chilled Steak Sandwich and The Paris Burger.

  • The Chilled Steak Sandwich is served with steak sauce, cheese, and tomato.
  • The Paris Burger is served with chipotle aioli, pickled red onion, Cheddar cheese, greens, tomato, and a side of rosemary potato wedges. Both sandwiches are also served with a tossed side salad, as well!


Of course, you cannot visit Paris Seaport Bar without enjoying some crepes.

  • For some savory crepes, indulge in the Femme Fatale, North Atlantic, as well as the Latin.
  • The Femme Fatale is served with chicken, kale, garlic aioli, as well as shaved Parmesan.
  • The North Atlantic is perfect for salmon lovers, served with smoked salmon, pickled red onion, tomato, capers, and dill cream cheese.
  • And the Latin is served with shredded duck, tomato salsa, avocado, Comte, and sour cream.


For those with a sweet tooth, you cannot go wrong with the Chocolat et Framboise or the Les Pommes.

  • The Chocolat et Framboise is served with ganache as well as raspberry puree.
  • And the Les Pommes is served with cinnamon apples, crème de Marron, and vanilla ice cream.



Britt's Seaside Sips at Paris Seaport Bar & Creperie, Boston, MA

Paris Seaport Bar has a variety of refreshing cocktails that will quench your thirst! When visiting, try the Je T’aime, the Cupid’s Arrow, the Spicy Margarita, the Day for Night, and the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

  • Je T’aime and Cupid’s Arrow are both Spritz’s, with the Je T’aime being mixed with cherry, almond, and red berry liqueurs topped with sparkling Rose, and the Cupid’s Arrow being mixed with French bubbly, strawberry syrup, gin, and lemon.
  • The Spicy Margarita is one of my all-time favorites, mixed with Habanero tequila, chili liqueur, organic agave nectar, lime, and cilantro.
  • The Day for Night is a great option for gin lovers, mixed with a French Negroni variation, gin, vermouth, and French Aveze liqueur, shrouded in cucumber.
  • And the Boulevard of Broken Dreams (shout out to Green Day lovers!) is dark and mysterious, Paris Seaport’s remix of the classic Boulevardier cocktail, built upon tart grapefruit whiskey.

At Paris Seaport Bar, if you are not in the mood to drink alcohol, they also have some great mocktail variations as well. Try the Strawberry Colada, mixed with strawberries, coconut, pineapple, and blended with crushed ice. Or give the Egg Cream a try – the “old tyme” soda fountain classic upgraded with chocolate sauce plus milk and seltzer – perfect for dessert. With these mocktails, you are bound to feel like you are away on a tropical vacation this summer!

Visit: https://www.parisseaport.com/


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