You know the feeling all too well – holiday shopping for the person that seems to already have everything. Luckily for you, we have found the perfect tech-savvy, trendy gift that everyone would love: the Oura Ring.

If you have not already heard of the Oura Ring, it is known as “the most accurate smart ring” and is a stylish and chic way to track your fitness activity, your recovery, your sleep patterns, and your overall health.

The remarkable, modern wearable technology comes in five different styles, including silver, black, stealth, gold, and rose gold, so there is an option for everyone depending on your personal preference. Oura RingSo, how does the Oura Ring work? 

After wearing the ring each day and night, you will be provided with three daily scores that will help you to determine how to best take care of your body. The scores include your sleep, readiness, as well as your activity. Your scores will tell you exactly how your body is feeling and what your body needs throughout the day.

For example, it will be able to measure if you need more sleep, if you are overly stressed or exerted, as well as if you might be getting sick. With this ring, you will be able to assess when it is time to push yourself, and when it is time to pull back and recover. Not to mention, you can pair your ring with the Oura app on your App store to gain even more knowledge on your daily metrics.

The ring and the App work hand-in-hand, and in addition, you have the option to pay $5 for a monthly membership that offers you continuous health monitoring and more personal guidance. 

Let’s learn more about your daily Oura Ring scores. 


As we get older, we learn more and more how important and vital it is to get a good night’s rest – both for your physical and your mental health. Oura has been the category leader for sleep tracking since 2013, and for good reason.

The sleep score that Oura provides tells you how well you sleep each night, based on how long you spent in each sleep stage as well as your body signals such as your heart rate and your temperature. Oura is able to track your sleep with research-grade sensors, offering you more insight on if you are getting enough deep sleep, REM sleep, and light sleep every night. Their accuracy is comparable to gold standard sleep lab testing!

Once Oura learns about your sleep patterns, if you choose to purchase a membership, you will also gain insight on personal guidance as to when you should start winding down for the day to help improve your quality of sleep. 

Oura Ring Readiness Tracker


Feeling drowsy lately? The Oura Ring will easily be able to detect your readiness and help you to know when to push it and when you should sit back and take it easy. It takes into consideration over 20 different body signals, including HRV, heart rate, temperature, sleep, and more, to tell you how ready your body is for the day.

So, when you wake up, if you find that you have a high readiness score, take advantage, and get some movement in! If you find that your readiness score is lower, it can help to detect if you might be getting sick by analyzing key body signals. In this case, you can slow down and take precautions to avoid a full-blown cold. And, for the ladies, the Oura Ring can actually learn and visualize your unique menstrual cycle by monitoring temperature trends and hormones



Talk about a way to help inspire you to get more active! The Oura Ring helps you to stay motivated with personalized daily activity goals, similar to how smart watches track. The Oura Ring tracks your heart rate, activity levels, as well as your training frequency so you will know if you are hitting your goals and know if you are giving your body enough recovery time. You can also check out post-exercise insights on the app to see how your body reacts to the workouts you are doing and how this affects your sleep and readiness. 

The Oura Ring takes self-care to a level that is truly unimaginable, and is an awesome gift not only for a loved one, but for yourself this holiday season!