Who does not love a good old road trip with family and friends, or even by yourself?! Whether you are planning a road trip that is just a few hours, or a road trip that will be over the course of a few days, you may be looking for some ways that you can help to pass the time. Especially if you are traveling with family, you will want to avoid going stir crazy at all costs!

We have pulled together some fun activities that you can do during your road trip that will ensure that no one gets too bored and that you are able to make the most of your time together in the car.  

Taking a Road Trip

1 – Find some new music. 

A long road trip is the perfect opportunity to catch up on some new music or discover some new music! With several people in the car, everyone is bound to have somewhat different music taste, giving you the opportunity to explore new albums and artists, or check out some songs that you have been meaning to listen to. If new music is not something you are into, enjoy some of the classics and soak in the nostalgia! 


2 – Catch up on podcasts. 

Podcasts are an awesome way to pass time by as they are super engaging and entertaining. There are hundreds of thousands of great podcasts out there depending on what you are into, whether it be dating advice or true crime – and everything in between. There are also a lot of family-friendly storytelling podcasts that are perfect for kids if they are traveling with you as well.

While catching up on your favorite podcasts, try to check out some new ones too – who knows, you may get hooked on your new favorite podcast show during the road trip! 


3 – Play a travel game. 

There are so many fun games that you can play on the road, so take advantage of the time that you have and get the competition going! Some popular car games include 20 questions and the ABC game.

20 questions is a classic game in which someone can ask 20 questions to guess what it is that you are thinking about. After setting a topic, such as “Famous singers,” people can start asking away.

The ABC game is similar in that you will set a category, such as “Foods,” and each person will take turns going through the alphabet naming foods that start with each letter.

While these games may seem super simple, they get pretty entertaining and are a great way to pass time!  


4 – Start a new audiobook. 

Have you been dying to start a new book but have not had the time? Road trips are the perfect opportunity to get through an audio book. This is especially a great option if you are taking the road trip by yourself, or if the people you are traveling with are looking forward to reading the same book. 


5 – Find fun attractions on the way. 

Road trips do not always mean that you have to drive straight to the destination. If you have the time, make some stops along the way to make a full trip out of it! If you know there are certain attractions or restaurants that you would like to check out on the way to your final destination, make some stops and explore the different areas! 


6 – Make a vlog. 

If you are into making videos, whether it be on YouTube or TikTok, take advantage of the road trip by making a vlog that you can have for years to come! Vlogging is a fun way to get an inside look on all the fun things that happened during your trip. This will be especially interesting to watch back if you are able to stop at attractions along the way during your road trip.