With Memorial Day Weekend right around the corner, some sales have started up, including Dyson.

Do you find yourself constantly vacuuming your house, only to find that your vacuum has not caught all the dust and debris, causing you to have to go over each room a second, or sometimes even a third time? We have all been there and can share the frustrations of a vacuum just not being strong enough – especially if you have pets!

There is no better time than now to treat yourself to a Dyson vacuum, which will truly change your life, and how you clean your house, for the better. Dyson has the most powerful suction of any vacuum that is on the market, and can deep clean, capture pet hair quickly, and clean versatile hard floors.

There are several different Dyson vacuums on the market, so you can easily find one that fits your own personal needs.

So, how do you figure out which Dyson vacuum is right for you? Check out some tips below!

Choose the Right Dyson Vacuum For You

When it comes to Dyson vacuums, there are a few different ways that you can shop for your perfect fit.

First off, you can shop by type of vacuum if you have a preference on how they operate. There are cordless, corded, and laser vacuums on the market.

The Dyson cordless vacuums are created for big cleans on all different floor types and are for heavy duty performance. These vacuums are lightweight and versatile, easy to use each and every day.

The corded vacuums are corded upright and canister vacuums that are meant for deep cleaning, featuring a powerful suction with Ball™ technology for maneuverability.

And the laser vacuums feature lasers that illuminate microscopic particles on hard floors to tackle everyday messes and deep cleans.

Or you can choose to shop for vacuums based on your own specific cleaning needs, whether you are looking for a whole-home deep clean, everyday clean that can be done efficiently and quickly, or specifically if you are cleaning a home with a pet.

For whole-home deep cleans, you can check out vacuums that feature tools engineered to deep clean dirt and debris, including pet hair, from every inch of your home.

For an everyday quick clean, you can shop for vacuums that are under. 6.5 pounds, allowing you to quickly clean up any mess with no hassle.

Lastly, if you are looking for a pet hair specific vacuum, you can shop for vacuums that use laser technology and hair detangling technology reveal that captures and traps pet hair, dander, and other particles found throughout your home.

If you are interested in the cordless Dyson vacuums, which are extremely popular, but you are not sure which model works best for you, Dyson offers a vacuum cleaner finder quiz that allows you to ensure that you are choosing a model that fits your needs. This quiz includes questions such as what size your home is, whether you have any pets, what type of flooring you will be vacuuming on the most frequently, and what your cleaning needs are – whether whole-home or daily and quick.

The best part? There are Dyson vacuums within a price range, so you can also ensure that you are picking a model that works well for your budget while fitting your needs. Regardless of what Dyson vacuum model you choose, you truly cannot go wrong as you will be investing in a state-of-the-art vacuum that will last you for years to come! Once you clean with Dyson, you will never go back!