When it comes to getting fit, the beach can surpass any fitness center or gym in the world. The fresh coastal air, the smell of the free ocean, the life replenishing sunlight, and the soft touch of the sand can prove to be the best environment for enhancing your health. 

Following a strict day in and day out routine of a gym can exhaust you and can even sometimes take the fun out of exercising. To spice things up, getting away from the same equipment, environment, and workout machinery you use every day is vital. 

Outdoor workouts in the sand can not only just provide you a heap of physical and mental health benefits but can also help you to improve your mood and confidence. You will feel great to immerse yourself with nature while exercising in the open air. 

You can carry out various types of exercises in the sand that requires the usage of no equipment or machinery but can still provide you the health and fitness benefits you crave. Excited to learn about these exercises? Read on to learn about the top 4 types of workouts you can do in the sand to enhance your health instantly. 

1- Running in sand 

If you often go to the beaches for sunbathing or enjoying the weather you may have noticed couples and fitness lovers walking, jogging, or running on the beach. No! they are not just trying to appear sportier but they know the health benefits of running on the sand. 

Running and jogging on the beach increases the fresh oxygen intake in your lungs and more oxygen gets absorbed in the blood and the overall circulation of the body improves significantly. It is advised that you run barefoot along the shore to feel the blend of soft sand and water touching your feet. 

While running or partaking in any type of physical activity on the shore do not forget to let your body breathe with comfortable sports attire. We encourage you to check out BornTough’s workout clothes to find a perfect looking sports attire that will improve your style while you enhance your fitness by using nature to your advantage. 

2- Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball is one of the most enjoyed on-the-beach sports/games that you will see many people playing while you go to the seashore. This seashore sport includes quick sprints, repetitive jumping, and high concentration that makes it one of the healthiest sand games. 

Playing this seashore volleyball for only 20-30 minutes can boost your reflexes, improve your coordination, and can make you flexible and energetic. Whatsmore, you do not even have to bring your own net to the beach. You will find that most beaches will already have nets set up for people to play volleyball and other healthy games. 

3- Water resistance training 

The water is the biggest asset for those of you looking to get fit while enjoying the weather and environment of the coast. There are many types of exercises you can do by leveraging the ocean water. You can do frog jumping where you try to jump as higher and further as possible along the shoreline where the water level is just above your knees to build strength. 

You can also do shadow boxing while standing in the water and throwing punches in the air to train for boxing or other combat sports. We recommend Elite Sport’s Boxing gloves that are perfect for every type of sport and are durable and can increase your aesthetics. 

Similarly, you can run against the water along the shore to make running a bit difficult and burn mega calories in the process. All these types of resistance training will help you get lean, build endurance, and increase your strength. 

4- Building castles in the sand

Yes! We are dead serious. You can actually improve your health by playing like a child and building castles using the sands on the coastline. It is a great way to relieve buildup stress due to the daily basis of hustle and bustle of life. 

By playing in the sands and building sculptures or houses or any fun art you may think of for only about 15-20 minutes can significantly reduce your stress levels, improve your mood and confidence. Where physical health is important, taking care of your mental health and fitness is also vital. Therefore the next time you go to the coast don’t forget to do some artwork. 

There are countless healthy activities that you can do on the beach and working out in the fresh coastal environment can be a life-changing experience for you. Not only there are physical health benefits to enjoy but there are also mental or psychological ones. Therefore don’t miss the chance of going to the seashore every now and then.